Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brooke's Bargains 54

After moving, we've finally gotten our computer, printers, and camera dock connected and somewhat organized again...only took about six months! Following are some of my random finds that I remembered to take pics of:

cute shoes for Addison

found some home decor recently at Goodwill... been looking for a cream & sugar set for a while

$30 + cost of new battery... I always wanted one of these when I was her age! My neighbor had a red jeep that I thought was the best thing ever!

I finally went to what my sister dubbed the "Gross Goodwill" which is like an outlet. We can't find any rhyme or reason to it. Ava is in love too because she gets to pick out toys (most are 15 cents).

Here's a view. Think we will go today while we are in that area. Ha. Clothes are pay-by-the-pound. What makes me really laugh are the shoppers who wear gloves while digging.

Ava's pay-by-the-pound loot. We met our new friends, the Mitchells, one Friday.

Addison's goodies

There's also a new thrift store in our area that my friend Haven told me about.. It's super-organized and any time you shop there and spend $10, you can return on that following Sunday and get 50% off the entire purchase. I've found that they have mostly brand new items. Lots of things from Target.

Another different location from my norm.. we went to a huge GW in Memphis and next store is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I could spend some time in there! TONS of furniture, light fixtures, ect.

Love when I run across expensive brands for $1.

Even found Ron some stuff. He loves these jeans.

According to the Nester, always buy candles at yard sales when they're this cheap. You can use them anywhere. I put them on my patio for when we sit out there at night.
I just liked this unique mirror and blue frame. I think the frame had a teddy bear print in it. I used the blue frame for my Valentine door hanger.

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