Monday, February 4, 2013

a wonderful weekend

Ron & I decided to have a "family movie night" Friday night. A big part of the fun for Ava and me is the planning:) We went to the grocery store that afternoon to get stuff for the weekend and picked out eveyone's requested candy for the movie. We had a Boston butt from a fundraiser, so we made pork tacos complete with homemade salsa & guacamole-- so yum and simple! After dinner, Ron & Ava made the "movie theater" which isn't difficult since home theater is Ron's hobby; they made the room dark and got out the quilts. Addison lasted about 20 minutes! Ava loved the movie. It was such a fun Friday night.

Saturday morning and afternoon, the girls and I just enjoyed being home in our pjs. I cleaned house, bathed them early, picked out church clothes, and then got ready for a night out with friends. My parents came to our house to take care of the girls, and the biggest, nicest stretch Hummer limo I've ever seen in my life, picked Ron and me up. Inside was decorated for Shannon's 40th birthday. A few other couples had been picked up, and we headed over to pick up Mitchell and Shannon. We drove down to a steakhouse and enjoyed a delicious dinner!! I'd been thinking about my friend Meg all day that day because her birthday was this weekend too, and she and Scott were seated at the table next to us!

Sunday morning, we went to church, had Mexican with some friends, and had planned all week on going to our small group's Super Bowl party... After naps, we decided that a night at home just resting was what we needed! And it was relaxing! The weather was gorgeous, so Ava and I went outside for a bike ride/walk.


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