Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our New Addition: Addison Kora

Addison Kora arrived on May 8, 2012 at 10:32 PM weighing 9 lbs, 4 oz, and was 21 inches long. We could not love her more! (I'm going to do a post on her first few days asap). 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Weekend As Family of Three

Our last weekend before Addison joined our family was memorable. I'll start with Friday: Around 11:00 Brittany and Reid came to swim and pick out a paint color for the new nursery at their house. Then, I straightened up the house before A and I went grocery shopping. Whew! Grocery shopping with my big swollen feet and achy back is interesting, as is, the stares you tend to receive when you look ready to pop. Some people can't help themselves and have to ask questions! Ha! It's funny to me. Ron, Ava, & I went to our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class followed by dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Jeff & Shari (they are so much fun-- laughed until my stomach hurt:).
Saturday morning began bright and early like most Saturdays do for yard sales. After shopping for a few hours, Ava and I stopped in at Ron's work to visit and eat breakfast. Then we came home for a wonderful nap (why is it I sleep better during the day now, instead of at night?). After napping, I cleaned up again-- trying to make sure that it stayed nice and neat because I felt like I could go into labor at any moment. I also made some homemade tomato soup, Southern Living pimiento and cheese, baked potatoes, and brownies. Ron took Ava swimming when he got home from work, and I just relaxed.
Sunday, we went to church, and came home to eat leftovers and nap, of course! I'm surprised I could nap because I was so excited about the grand opening of TJ Maxx about 10 minutes from home!! Ava and I went to TJ Maxx after naptime; it was unbelievably busy. We picked up Ron and headed to Long Horn Steakhouse for dinner. For the first time in a while, Ron and I watched a movie together.
On Monday (it's the weekend for Ron) morning, Ava and I had a tea party. I did a little more hospital packing. Our friends, Tim & Maria, invited us to Cracker Barrel to treat us to dinner with their family. They are so sweet. We ended up eating dinner, shopping in the store, and sitting out in the rocking chairs. It kind of felt like a mini vacation and before I knew it, 3 hours had passed. We headed home to watch the Grizzlies play before going to bed.

Monday, May 21, 2012

3rd Trimester Highlights

With the exception of the last few days, I think the third trimester went by the quickest-- probably because of very busy schedules. I knew that there were things that absolutely had to be done (like my grades which I turned in 5 days before her birth--pretty good for this procrastinator) and needed to be done (deep cleaning, washing baby clothes, buying last minute items, packing...).

I always had a running to-do list that I loved marking off tasks on! I tried my best to keep up with shopping needs, shopping wants, what to get out of our storage unit, what to pack for Ron, Ava, Addison, and me for the hospital stay, what needed to be done, and then the fun list was the one-month countdown:) So, I tried to knock out a few things per week and still keep up with Ava, housework, schoolwork, and church activities. More things found their way to Goodwill too. I guess it's all part of nesting, and I could really tell in the last week or two that I had a surge of energy where that's concerned.

Some really fun things about this trimester were all the kicking and moving around Addison did. She even kicked on command for Ron and Ava a few times! Ron and I went on a few date nights; we plan to make that a more frequent habit as soon as possible. Spring break was a great time to rest and change up our routine. Jamie and I had several decorating jobs which I always enjoy, but I could tell that they took a toll on me! I don't think I missed a single Saturday of thrifting this trimester. Going to all the doctor appointments was kinda fun because it meant the big day was getting closer. I went to the Mid-South Homeschool Convention and chose curriculum for this fall. Two of my close friends at church had babies, so it was fun to see the new little ones that will be in Addison's age group. Also, my sister is pregnant with her second baby; she and I have laughed about all our crazy symptoms. We texted each other in the middle of night if we were awake (which I usually was!). And I would try to imagine what it'll be like to have another tiny, precious newborn. When I was lying awake at night, I thanked God for this gift and prayed for her to be healthy.

Physically, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I didn't have gestational diabetes this time! My two pregnancies were very similar; however, this one was harder with lots of back trouble, more fatigue, more insomnia, and much, much more swelling of hands, feet, and ankles. I also got another sinus infection this trimester which lasted about 3 weeks:( Miserable! I gained a total of 30 pounds.

39 weeks and on the way to the hospital!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brooke's Bargains 48

Thirty-nine weeks pregnant and still determined to get out of the house before 7 am for some good deals. Ha! It definitely helped to keep my mind off of how ready I was to meet Addison! First, Britt, Ava, and I went to a neighborhood sale where we found a few things, and after driving around to a few other duds, we were just about ready to call it an early day. Then we saw an indoor church yard sale (our past experience says those are really hit or miss) and decided to stop. It was a HUGE room full of everything from a circa 1960s can opener to bizarre clothes, ect. I found a table of shoes and scored big. Then we overheard a worker say that all clothes were a quarter, so we decided to dig (and by dig, I mean it). It was worth it! Also, we found our mom 7 cute clothing items for a quarter a piece.

6 pairs of shoes for $5.50 (Born, Naturalizer, Yellow Box, Volatile, Steve Madden, Style & Co.)
Ron needed shorts for the summer. Four pair, $3.25
Clothes for the girlies, $3.25

Saturday, May 19, 2012


We were blessed with two wonderful showers. The first was a surprise shower from our life group. I don't have good pics of that because Ron had to take them with his phone. Our life group hit the four year milestone this month-- such a close-nit great group of people. They showered us with diapers and wipes! We had tasty dips, cheeseball, cupcakes, and punch.
Our second shower was special as well. It was hosted by my sister Brittany, and friends Jamie, Maria, and Shannon. Everything was perfect! It was great to see family and friends that I don't see often enough. Addison was spoiled with precious outfits. Ava was spoiled as well by gifts for the big sister! It was so much fun to come home and look at all of the gifts and try to imagine another baby girl in our home!
Love all the pretty colors (and delicious food:)!

Shannon & me (I'm 37 weeks here.)
me, sweet Jilly, & Jeanine
Maria found a really cute game that involved candy bars.
Ava practicing her skills on Daisy.
Lori, Maclain, & Kristan
Mom, Ava, & me
Mom & Aunt Bobbie
The girls in our family
love this invitation
Gifts made by Brittany! LOVE!!!
Pretty gifts made by Jeanine's talented mom!
More gifts from Brittany:) Sweet!
The first thing I have with her name on it!
Coordinating sister outfits
Another cute shirt for the hospital visit
athletic Lori thought Addison needed some workout gear;)
sweet smocked outfit from Meg
Praise the Lord for LOTS of these!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Brooke's Bargains 47

I'm behind on blogging (again). Teaching/grading and nesting have been on my mind lately. Here are some great finds from the past two Saturdays-- gotta love neighborhood sales! And there's more to come tomorrow (if I don't go into labor first!).

I've wanted one of these since getting married over 9 years ago. Just don't think of it until I actually need it. $2
4 books for Ava, $1
This cute little piece of pottery was only $2.
Some fun stuff for Ava: the owl is a backpack with a sleeping bag, flashlight, and water bottle combo, a mini boppy pillow for helping with her little sister, and a tiny cover too. She doesn't know about the latter two items-- they're packed in her hospital bag for a little treat. Total $7
Addison's goodies: Zutano pea coat, Plainly Jane apron dress, and high chair cover, $10
More clothes and pjs: $4
pool rings, Barbie pail & shovel, & Yellow Box flip flops, $3

World Market candles & Vera Bradley checkbook cover, $4
More for Addison: $5
Books! $3