Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brooke's Bargains 46

Last Saturday, I didn't really have anything to post; I spent $1.50 for an item to resell (which I did that same day:). Yesterday, however, was one of those perfect yard sale mornings with gorgeous weather and signs everywhere! I bought so much for the girlies that I didn't even take pics of everything. I just snapped some of my favorites. Here's what I got:
Purse, diaper bag, boutique dress for a friend, bib, 3 pant sets, bubble outfit, 8 pajama sets, 8 dresses, 7 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, fleece jacket, 3 pairs of tights, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 shorts, 3 shirts, swimsuit... Brands such as Baby Lulu, Wee Squeak, Kelly's Kids, Little English, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Old Navy...After adding up all my finds, it came out to about $1 per item!

I love this bag! It's smaller than my other favorite diaper bag which is great for quick trips.
I really liked this casual purse for the summer.
Kelly's Kids' bubble
farm-themed dress
Easter dress for Addison
And Brittany's blog friend, Sarah from North Carolina, made these adorable headbands and shipped them here. So sweet & adorable!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Emily's Baby Shower

Yesterday, Lauren, Melanie, and I threw Emily a surprise baby shower. She had no idea! We met at a restaurant called Maria's Cantina that has a separate party room. She got lots of great things for their first boy (he'll be welcomed by two sisters) who is scheduled to arrive on April 20. I had lots of fun planning this and anticipating her surprise:)
She was a little surprised at this point despite the hostess asking if she was here for the shower. Nice.
A friend from church made these delicious cupcakes!
We're ready to meet him.
A slight gag gift for Emily due to her late night cereal cravings. Her husband has been known to make late night trips to Walmart...
Our actual due dates are 16 days apart.