Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anna's Bedroom Makeover

My friend Anna has been wanting to change up her bedroom for a while. We finally got around to it! I gave her the name of a painter, and her walls went from builder beige to a clean, fresh gray from Sherwin-Williams. I had a $300 shopping budget. Luckily, she has great furniture and accessories that I could use too.


I took this painting that she and I found several years ago from her dining room and used it for the focal point. Adding these long, linen curtain panels from Target made a big difference! She had the yellow table in her entry way, and I found the lamp at Marshall's. The quilt, shams, and some throw pillows came from Target too. The embellished gray pillow was a clearance find at Dillard's.

Anna has a great pottery collection, so I used this plate on an easal. I found the adorable yellow lamp at Gordman's.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Addison: One Month

Addison is already a month old. Why does time go so quickly?

Dear Addison,
You are such a sweet, content baby. I love every single moment of holding you and am so glad that you don't mind all the snuggling! Right now, we usually stay up pretty late- like 11 or 12; I nurse you and you sleep about four hours, get a diaper change, and go right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. Your big sister loves you and holds you and even carries you around any chance she gets.
This month has been busy for you-- you've met lots of family and friends, had your picture taken a zillion times, attended a wedding, went to your first church service, went out to lunch at Outback, and of course, shopped at Target;).
Most people think you look a whole lot like Ava, and others think you look like your daddy. I see both. I love the way your hair curls in the middle and your chubby arms and legs. One of my very favorite things that I'll miss when you outgrow it are the sounds you make when you are sleeping or nursing. Precious. I thank God for you daily. I am so thankful that I get to be your mommy.
Right now, you are lying in your Nap Nanny covered up with your soft pink blanket while your sister is beside you coloring.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our First 10 Days as a Family of Four

Addison is four weeks old, and I'm finally working on this blog post. As I was feeding her early this morning, I was thinking about the events of the day. Those moments are so wonderful that it can't be put into words- just everything from having bonding time with Ron, the anticipation, to the birth of our second daughter. A few weeks before she was born, a mother of two told me that the second child just wasn't as 'magical' of an experience as the first-- I completly disagree! It was just that feeling like nothing else. Addison is such a blessing, and we love and cherish everything just as much as we did with Ava! May 8, 2012 started out like a 'normal' morning--I woke up thinking that I was ready to have a baby! We had a late night with the Sammons family, so Ava was sleeping late. I thought my water was breaking slowly. I first called my sister to weigh in on what was going on (I was induced with my first and didn't experience that). She felt like it was time; I straightened up the house a little while chatting with Shannon who just called like normal (we talk and clean a lot on Tuesdays or Wednesday;). I finally told her that I thought I was going into labor. Then I called Ron who was ecstatic-- he's been calling and checking on me from work for two weeks! He said he'd wrap up what he was doing and head home. I threw some more things in our hospital bags and took a shower. I wasn't having any strong contractions, just a lot of back pain which I had back trouble during this so I wasn't sure if it was back labor. When Ron got home, we told Ava what was going on--she was so excited. I can only imagine that waiting on her sister has seemed like forever. Ron and Ava loaded the car while I was straightening my hair (gotta look good for the hospital- HA). We grabbed some lunch and headed to Brittany's where Ava was going to be staying. They live really close to the hospital, so it worked out perfectly.
Brittany made snacks with them....

Next, we drove to the hospital, and I filled out the paperwork and was taken to triage. There, after waiting a while, it was determined that I wasn't in labor. I was so bummed out at this false alarm. Fortunately, my doctor was at the hospital because Tuesdays is his standard day to be there. The nurse called him; he said he wanted me to stay. I got settled into labor/delivery room 2206 about an hour later. I texted friends to let them know it was time! Meg called to chat, and there were lots of text messages to keep me occupied while waiting. I was tired and nervous and starting to lose track of time; I guess that was around 3:30 in the afternoon. The dreaded IV came next, and I was so hungry-- begging for food! No such luck. I had some super sweet nurses who gave great advice. My mom, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and daughter came for a visit during which time the drug-induced contractions were getting harsh. Everyone was asked to leave while I got an epidural. I have considered natural childbith, but after learning how much worse contractions can feel with pitocin and experiencing that pain again, I was more than happy to get relief! The meds made me emotional, and my family left soon after. I guess by that point it was around 8:30? We all thought it would be a while. My dad called me and wanted to come to the hospital. I told him to get some rest so that he wouldn't be just sitting in a waiting room, possibly all night. Ironically, I called him 40 minutes later to let him know that his newest granddaughter was here. Labor progressed very quickly and before I knew it the doctor and nurses were making their preparations. Addison Kora was born at 10:32 PM. I was shocked at her weight! Never had I thought that she would weigh over nine pounds! I love that her birthday is May 8 because Ron and I had predicted her birthday on New Year's Eve, and I won;)
After calling my dad, I called my mom who was staying at Britt's house, then Brittany because they weren't in the same room. I asked her if she could hear Addison crying, and she said, "What?!" My mom and sister brought Ava to the hospital to meet her sister. It was precious to watch. Overjoyed. We all got to watch her get her first bath. Then Ron and I moved to our new room. He insisted on going to get me something to eat even thought it was 3 am by this point, and I had the choice of cookies, fudge, or rice krispy treats thanks to my thoughtful sister and dad! I didn't care too much about food right then because all I wanted to do was look at this miracle. She nursed good and slept so sweetly in my arms.  I was unbelievably tired and wired all at the same time. I maybe slept three hours total.

Last pic as family of 3 (thanks for reminding me to do this, Britt!)
first pic

Kissing my baby girl for the first time

a picture is worth a thousand excited little girl

meeting little sister

Look at this big baby girl!

little feet

long anticipated moment for ava


I'm so thankful for these blessings.


Mimi's girls


my four favorite ladies

cozy sleep

Daddy's girls

Mimi & Papa
The next day we had a constant flow of visitors which is wonderful and a little tiring too. We are honored that so many family and friends wanted to meet our little Addison. I think the thing I like about the hospital stay is the guilt-free doing nothing except enjoying the new baby and visitors! I took a shower which felt great and put on makeup.


my very favorite pic from the hospital!

Shannon & Jamie

Uncle Buddy & Aunt Till

This is my grandmother's sister. I get emotional looking at this picture as my sweet grandmother is in heaven now. Missing her...

Christie... bff since 4th grade

Shari, Maria, & Daisy meeting Addison

Pastor Jeff-- he and Shari made me laugh so much-- not good after childbirth. ha!

napping with daddy
Thursday morning, I woke up with lots of soreness! Oh my. I was also getting restless and ready to go home. I knew it'd be a lot easier to sleep at home without all the interruptions. We had one visitor before we left the hospital around noon. We were ready to pick up Ava and go home as a family of four for the first time. After a hot bath and clean pajamas, we all took a long nap. Our friends, Steve and Lori, dropped off dinner-- such a blessing! Looking back, this was my most emotional day- I had feelings of not wanting this special time to ever end-- newborns are so precious and that stage is short-lived. I love her so much. There were times after Ava was born and during pregnancy that it is so hard to imagine loving someone else that much, but God gives mothers that same love. I'm so grateful that HE gave me the opportunity to have two healthy daughters. I'm so undeserving. So blessed.

first car ride

I'm so glad that Ron got to be off work from Tuesday-Friday!! We were all able to bond and rest together. Chef Ron made grilled cheese sandwiches for us:) On Friday, my parents came for a short visit; my dad and Ron took Ava swimming for a little while. Kim from our life group brought dinner, and Anna came to visit. Ron's mom, brother, and sister-in-law came into town late that night. I'm so glad that were able to visit and meet Addison. Just like with my grandmothers, Ron's dad has gone to heaven since we had Ava. We miss those three dearly.
sweet sleep

Had fun visiting with Anna
On Saturday morning, I slept in as long as could with sweet Addison since my mother-in-law was here taking care of Ava. My friend Haven dropped in for a visit in the morning, and then Job, Brittany, and Reid came by later. I loved all the guests-- I think it majorly kept my mind occupied (when I was alone I would get much more emotional). I took a long hot bath and just snuggled with the girls. Lauren brought dinner and hung out with me and Addison while Ron, Danny, and Ava took Regena out for a special Mother's Day dinner. Speaking of Mother's Day, I got an iPhone4S and a pink phone case-- love it. My parents called to check on us.


my precious family

Uncle Danny!

Ron's family


one of the rare times that someone isn't holding her;)

Aunt Kayla


new pjs from Mammaw
We slept in on Sunday. Danny and Kayla brought lunch to us, and we visited with them until it was time for them to drive back to Springfield. It was a rainy/overcast day; I needed to get out of the house for just a little while! Ron dropped Ava and me off at Target while he stayed in the car with Addison. It felt good to walk around and use my giftcard from Shannon:). It certainly wore me out too! That's when you know you need to get back home and let your body heal! On Monday we rested and enjoyed dinner from the McRae family. On Tuesday, Ron had to go back to work, so my mom came up to spend the next several days with us. Brittany and Reid came over to celebrate Mother's Day; she and Mom brought lots of goodies to eat. My mom have Britt and I a bead for our Troll bracelets. I was just relishing the time with them and the time off from teaching!! The next day, Aunt Bobbie came to meet Addison. She is so thoughtful; she brought dinner, dessert, and watermelon. Britt & Reid came to eat supper with us too. We all went to the pool for a little while (getting Ava out of the house is great-- she's been so helpful and good with Addison, but I know it's still an adjustment for her having been the only child for nearly five years). That night Addison had her first real bath.. newborn pics were scheduled for the next day. I had to laugh at myself because it took so long to get Ava, Addison, and me out the door for pictures and our visit with Niki and Mary Abbott plus I had my mom there helping me make lunch and everything! It dawned on me to pack a diaper bag- haha! It's been a while! My mom left on Friday and that was tough. It was the first time in 10 days that I had not had another adult around.

I have a picture of me holding Brittany in this same chair.

Aunt Bobbie

First bath with the help of Mimi and Ava


Mary Abbott & Ava

such a good sleeper

jaudice treatment;)

swimming time

my little ladybug

my helper!


sister love

my feet before and after! thanks for painting my nails, sis! :)