Friday, May 3, 2013

April 2013

Another month has come and gone. I seriously can't believe it's May! Time flies when you're having fun! Here's our life through iphone pictures...

Ava was actually excited (though you can't tell in this pic;) about me pulling out this contraption. Manicures & pedicures are frequent occurences here and this just made it even better.

And Addison thought it was great too. Love this happy girl!
I try to meet several times per month with my fellow Rodan + Fields consulants which turns into a play session when Shannon and Amanda's girls come too. Here's Mary Catherine & Addison all ready for bed.

These fabulous glitter tattoos were in Ava's Easter basket. We had several tats that week. Ha!

Daisies Club Awards Night... I was so proud of these girls! They were quoting all their new scriptures for us.

Ava loves a picnic more than anyone I know. Here she is with her yard sale find, an American Girl doll, and leftover Mexican food on a beautifully sunny Saturday.

My sweet girl all ready for church

Ava and I went to get our nails painted. Just us. She misses time with just me, so I try to work that in. Addison and Ron were taking a nice Sunday afternoon nap. The lady doing our nails was so sweet; she hugged Ava when we were leaving.

Her hair is out of control...time for the first haircut...

She did great! She just sat there like, hmmm, this is different.

Ms. Emily styled it for her too:)

Things started to grow & bloom! Ava got so excited about these plants.

I finally got brave and tried out my jigsaw that Ron suprised me with for Christmas.

Had a really fun morning with Jessica & Meg! It was great to catch up with them while getting some exercise, and the weather was really pretty.

The girls of our family! Brittany & Grace came to visit us.

Nicole always brings goodies to us! Love this bag!!

I tried to get a good pic after church...


Lonnie & Nicole came to visit us. We stay in touch, but it's been almost two years since we've seen them. It was a great weekend of laughing, good food, and fun.

A rare family picture... Not sure what Addison's new deal is with putting her hand up for pics...Ha

Zoo trip! It was such a fun day. We all LOVE the zoo!

a little cat nap at the zoo

I think they could have hung out with the stingrays all day. They were feeding them here.

We have a picture of us with Lonnie & Nicole here about 10 years too.

We were happy & TIRED & ready for our next stop: Central BBQ!

trying a sippy cup for the first time

I made Britt a book wreath with some help from my little paper folder, Ava. (I really wanted to keep it;).

We were at Job's 30th birthday party. It was a really fun day. My mom and I helped Brittany with party prep all day while the kiddos played.

AddiPoo & GraciPoo

I took this pic from facebook..One of our friends posted this collage from Nathan's first birthday. It was a party in the party, and everyone had such a good time!

Ava is so proud of her plant. This was a craft from her Wednesday night class. The first night, it "slept" by her bed, and she brought it downstairs with her the next morning. She's been remembering to water it too.

Addison thought this little car thing was fun!

We ended the last weekend in April with Springfest. It's only a mile or so from home. Our church's BBQ team participated in the cookoff, there are rides and games, and music. It was a good family night despite of the rain.

I love this picture! They were off to ride the Ferris wheel while Addison & I watched safely on the ground.


Ava's favorite party of the night was this fishing game where she won a dolphin.

Bumper cars with Daddy... brings back memories!

Before I went to teach last week, we planted some flowers... getting ready for a first birthday party around here!