Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have been 'under the weather' for the past several days...sinus infection, stomach bug, ... Ron brought home dinner, flowers (I love snapdragons!) for me, my favorite candy, Ava's favorite candy, and a Disney princesses balloon for her. Soooooooo thoughtful! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Niki's House

Today Ava & I had a "play date" with Niki & Mary Abbott. The girls are fun to watch because they are a lot alike &were born one month apart...
Niki started the decorating conversation off like this, "I have a bunch of good stuff, but I don't know what to do with it..." That's all I had to hear; I love to rearrange furniture and accessories! :) The best part is that it's free (Ron loves that when it comes to my decor!). We worked for about 5 hours on the kitchen, living room, a little on the dining room & foyer. FUN! Of course, I forgot to take "before" pictures, so you can't get the full effect of our labor... but I snapped some pics of the living room on my way out anyway...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Barbecue Cook-Off 2010

Today was our second annual barbecue cook-off with our church. The teams are made up of your small group. It was lots of fun. And thank goodness it was not as hot as last year!! Ron LOVES to cook so he was thrilled about this event. The first few pics are of him in 'prep' mode. 
We brought lots of fans, extension cords, water, & lawn chairs to make it comfortable as possible! 
I wish I had gotten a picture of the silent auction baskets- incredible! For example, there was a date night basket to Texas de Brazil, a limo ride, and a babysitter ...
A band was set up for entertainment for all, and the kids got to enjoy the bounce houses.
We didn't win, but it was a great day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Night!

My friend Christie & I rented this movie last night. Ahhh....popcorn & Sonic Dr. Pepper!! I thought it was really cute! I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy. Also, it's rated PG so it's decent! Check it out...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Summer Days 2

Emily & I have known each other for about four years. We go to church together, and she is my hair stylist. She was one of the most excited people when I told her I was having Ava. At the time she was a new mom to Levi. Her daughter, Tuesday, was born about 8 months after Ava. We joke that we're opposites on a lot of things, but our love for artsy stuff makes us tick:). Yesterday, Emily invited us to her parents' AWESOME home/pool for a day of sun & fun! 
Her dad, Al, is super-talented! He added onto their home, built the 'cabana,' and the waterfall, as well as did all the landscaping & stuff himself. It is so beautiful. When I'm at their place, it feels like I'm a thousand miles away at a resort! 
I also took a few pics inside of some of the art work that Emily (that's her wedding pic too- couldn't resist) did for her mom. The fish painting above the bed is great, as well as, her neat method for using scrapbook paper on the island in the kitchen. Enjoy! 
(Also, I just upgraded to a 'better' blog posting thingie, and I need my sister or Haven to show me what to I have some weird picture formatting going on today...Sorry!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Highlights from the Week...

We've had a great week! Here's a few of the highlights:
  • Ava & I went swimming at Maria's house. We got to see her new home and enjoy her & her four children along with Jamie and her two boys, Amy, and Jeanne and two of her grandchildren. Nine children between one and seven!
  • Ron started his new job at Dillard's. He had a good week and is enjoying the job so far.
  • Brittany and Job invited Ava and me to go swimming with them Wednesday. Church was great that night too.
  • I hung this candleholder that I've had for probably a year on a shelf holder that cost $3.50 at the discount decor store.
  • Cousin Tracey brought Ava the BEST birthday bag. Ava said, "Is all this for me? Oh my goodness!" I had to wear one set of wings and be a butterfly too. :)
  • I had four 'free' coupons from Kroger and got those items for FREE! Wow! (I know you're proud, Sis.)
  • I tried a new recipe "Sweet & Sour Green Beans." LOVED them! The recipe is posted. (It's not healthy but it's delicious.)
  • Ron's mom, brother, & sister-in-law came for the weekend. My m-i-l & I made Ron a yummy Father's Day dinner Saturday. Sunday morning, Ron, my m-i-l, Ava, & I surprised my dad by going to church with him. We had lunch with my sister-in-law's family. Then took a nap before heading to Brittany's house to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. Great day.
  • (The random picture of the painting I took this morning at our 'old' church because Britt and I painted it like six years ago for the children's church:).