Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book Reviews 4

As school wound down the past month or so, I've had some time to do one of my favorite things: READ!

This is the book I bought yesterday at a garage sale for $0.50. I read the first two chapters last night & can't wait to finish it. It's the perfect read for any garage sale enthusiast out there! So funny and TRUE!!

I've seen Karen Kingsbury many times in the bookstore; recently, a friend told me about this Redemption series about the Baxter family. I decided to give it a try. I did the non-thrifty thing and bought this at the bookstore for $13.90! Then I went to the library and found the entire series there. UGH! Anyway, Book 1 was great & I'm ready to get started on the rest! Also, the fact that Gary Smalley co-wrote the book was an added plus. Ron & I went to a marriage seminar called Love is a Decision by Smalley. Good stuff...

I've blogged about Francine Rivers before...I read this last month. It was very good also! I have to say though that Redeeming Love remains at the top of my favorite book list!

If you like suspense, read Peretti's This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness! These books are fictional views of spiritual warfare. Great!!

The author has a creative side and the book was funny and thought-provoking...


  1. I have read all of the Redemption Series and they are wonderful. "Redeeming Love" is also my favorite book by Rivers. I'm so glad to find someone who loves these books. I go to the regular bookstores and find books that look interesting. I write down the titles, sometimes in my phone, and then look them up later in the library.

  2. I know I'm late on posting, but lots of Karen Kingsbury's books are at the Goodwill bookstore on Goodman Rd. in Southaven. Oh and I loved Redeeming Love as well; I'm not reading another Rivers' title, The Shoafar Blew.


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