Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Summer Days 2

Emily & I have known each other for about four years. We go to church together, and she is my hair stylist. She was one of the most excited people when I told her I was having Ava. At the time she was a new mom to Levi. Her daughter, Tuesday, was born about 8 months after Ava. We joke that we're opposites on a lot of things, but our love for artsy stuff makes us tick:). Yesterday, Emily invited us to her parents' AWESOME home/pool for a day of sun & fun! 
Her dad, Al, is super-talented! He added onto their home, built the 'cabana,' and the waterfall, as well as did all the landscaping & stuff himself. It is so beautiful. When I'm at their place, it feels like I'm a thousand miles away at a resort! 
I also took a few pics inside of some of the art work that Emily (that's her wedding pic too- couldn't resist) did for her mom. The fish painting above the bed is great, as well as, her neat method for using scrapbook paper on the island in the kitchen. Enjoy! 
(Also, I just upgraded to a 'better' blog posting thingie, and I need my sister or Haven to show me what to I have some weird picture formatting going on today...Sorry!)

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