Sunday, June 20, 2010

Highlights from the Week...

We've had a great week! Here's a few of the highlights:
  • Ava & I went swimming at Maria's house. We got to see her new home and enjoy her & her four children along with Jamie and her two boys, Amy, and Jeanne and two of her grandchildren. Nine children between one and seven!
  • Ron started his new job at Dillard's. He had a good week and is enjoying the job so far.
  • Brittany and Job invited Ava and me to go swimming with them Wednesday. Church was great that night too.
  • I hung this candleholder that I've had for probably a year on a shelf holder that cost $3.50 at the discount decor store.
  • Cousin Tracey brought Ava the BEST birthday bag. Ava said, "Is all this for me? Oh my goodness!" I had to wear one set of wings and be a butterfly too. :)
  • I had four 'free' coupons from Kroger and got those items for FREE! Wow! (I know you're proud, Sis.)
  • I tried a new recipe "Sweet & Sour Green Beans." LOVED them! The recipe is posted. (It's not healthy but it's delicious.)
  • Ron's mom, brother, & sister-in-law came for the weekend. My m-i-l & I made Ron a yummy Father's Day dinner Saturday. Sunday morning, Ron, my m-i-l, Ava, & I surprised my dad by going to church with him. We had lunch with my sister-in-law's family. Then took a nap before heading to Brittany's house to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. Great day.
  • (The random picture of the painting I took this morning at our 'old' church because Britt and I painted it like six years ago for the children's church:).


  1. proud for your free items! those came at a perfect time. the childrens church mural brings back memories :) like the pic with me & my "new" hubby.

  2. Ok girls how about sharing the Kroger tips?!?

  3. OMG I totally follow Brittany's blog!!! I was blog hopping and cam across yours! You have a great blog here!! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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