Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The past 10 days...

I haven't posted in 10 days, so here's a recap plus some fun pics:
  1. Ron's mom, brother, & sis-in-law came for a visit. That weekend we "installed" Ava's pool.
  2. My wonderful friend Shannon had a baby girl, Mary Catherine!
  3. School is OUT FOR SUMMER!
  4. The new Bachelorette came on:) I know, I know, but it is addictive!
  5. I saw It's Complicated & Dear John- good movies!
  6. We had a birthday party for my Dad here. It was fun. Love when my fam is together.
  7. June 9 is the big day that Brittany finds out gender!!!
  8. My parents, sister, Ron, & I had a yard sale. Yay for getting rid of JUNK.
  9. Ron & I had a mini-date after church Sunday (Ava spent the night with Mimi & Papa). We went to the mall & had lunch at Crescent City- it was incredible!
  10. Since I just got excited thinking about that good Cajun food, I am reminded that I am on a diet. I have gained 15+ pounds in the past 6 months. Disgusting.
  11. Our church started a new series Summer Servolution. Pretty awesome!
  12. We had a Memorial Day cookout at our friends, Steve & Lori's house.
  13. I volunteered to be the last stop on a progressive dinner for Girls' Night Out. This is a fun group of ladies from church that love to plan GNO. Last year we went to Downtown Memphis and hit up 3 different places & did the trolley ride & stuff- it was neat! This year we started appetizers at Cindy's house (she lives less than 5 min from me). Next we went to a small restaurant that was closed, but the kind owner opened to cook for us! Last it was here for desserts.
  14. Oh my goodness. I cleaned/decorated like crazy for the big event. Remember Spring Break? I cleaned all week for our out-of-town guests?! That motivates me more than anything. I stayed up to 3 am the night before. It was worth it though. My house is extremely clean, and Ron always helps me finish those projects that we put off when I really need him! I also drive him crazy- I was moving stuff around and asked his opinion about something. He mentioned that he didn't like the color. When he came back in the room at midnight, I was painting it...ha!
  15. Today, I'm going to the Delta to visit my grandfather (he's 80 & not in very good health anymore) and my aunt. They love to see Ava. Hopefully, I'll get to relax because I am honest-to-goodness SORE from all that cleaning!!!!
  16. I am hoping that this weekend there will be lots of yard sales since it's the first weekend of the month. Britt has to work like crazy this weekend, so I'll be flying solo.

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  1. Looks awesome! I needed to see all that so I can motivated at my house or you can just come! You are so talented and your house is always inspiring! Great job, friend!


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