Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Weekend As Family of Three

Our last weekend before Addison joined our family was memorable. I'll start with Friday: Around 11:00 Brittany and Reid came to swim and pick out a paint color for the new nursery at their house. Then, I straightened up the house before A and I went grocery shopping. Whew! Grocery shopping with my big swollen feet and achy back is interesting, as is, the stares you tend to receive when you look ready to pop. Some people can't help themselves and have to ask questions! Ha! It's funny to me. Ron, Ava, & I went to our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class followed by dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Jeff & Shari (they are so much fun-- laughed until my stomach hurt:).
Saturday morning began bright and early like most Saturdays do for yard sales. After shopping for a few hours, Ava and I stopped in at Ron's work to visit and eat breakfast. Then we came home for a wonderful nap (why is it I sleep better during the day now, instead of at night?). After napping, I cleaned up again-- trying to make sure that it stayed nice and neat because I felt like I could go into labor at any moment. I also made some homemade tomato soup, Southern Living pimiento and cheese, baked potatoes, and brownies. Ron took Ava swimming when he got home from work, and I just relaxed.
Sunday, we went to church, and came home to eat leftovers and nap, of course! I'm surprised I could nap because I was so excited about the grand opening of TJ Maxx about 10 minutes from home!! Ava and I went to TJ Maxx after naptime; it was unbelievably busy. We picked up Ron and headed to Long Horn Steakhouse for dinner. For the first time in a while, Ron and I watched a movie together.
On Monday (it's the weekend for Ron) morning, Ava and I had a tea party. I did a little more hospital packing. Our friends, Tim & Maria, invited us to Cracker Barrel to treat us to dinner with their family. They are so sweet. We ended up eating dinner, shopping in the store, and sitting out in the rocking chairs. It kind of felt like a mini vacation and before I knew it, 3 hours had passed. We headed home to watch the Grizzlies play before going to bed.

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