Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Party

Our family has loved living in our new home so much; we've been here for almost six months. The huge added bonus to this is living in a quiet cove with friendly neighbors. When we moved in our neighbor, Corrie, across the street came over to introduce herself and her daughters. What a blessing they've been-- a homeschool family with girls around Ava's age. When we are outside, and they are all running around I can't help but smile big. I grew up on a street with two of my best friends; we'd meet up all the time to ride our bikes and play. It's just the best! 
Corrie and I talk about school ideas a lot, so that's where the Valentine's Party started. We loved holiday parties when we were in school. We both invited some friends with girls to come over and make v-day cards and have lunch. Ava and I picked out fun stuff at Target for the party. I explained the concept of the little cards to her-- she worked on those for a long time (thought it was a great idea;). Then since we finally got our computers/printers/ink set up (been out of colored ink for probably three years), we found some printable cupcake toppers & banner-- how did I survive with no ink this long?? It was a really fun day!

Group effort on these cupcakes..My sister always come to my rescue. Ava decorated them.
Lots of paper, stickers, glue, markers, and glitter (don't think it'll ever be gone; it was in my coffee yesterday;)
Target trip for our supplies (Addison's first time to sit in this kind of shopping cart)
Our easy, free printable banner
snack time!

They decided to eat under the table:)

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  1. My kids love those carts, too. Debby gets so upset if they don't have one and she was dying for Ramsey to be big enough to ride with her.


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