Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Review 12

I've been reading some good stuff! Ron surprised me with a Kindle Fire HD for our anniversary; I had a simple electronic reader that I thought served the purpose just fine that he bought me several years ago for Christmas. I must admit that I love my Kindle (and so does Ava)! If you're looking for one, I recommend it. Here's what I've been reading/I'm currently reading:

LOVED this book! I'm pretty sure I've read all of Tamera Alexander's books now, and this one is my very favorite. It was the kind of book that you feel sad when it's over. I liked the Post-Civil War setting too!
Definitely not my normal read, but I jumped on the bandwagon. I liked it! Ron and I really liked the movie too, which is great because I feel like it's harder and harder to sit through movies...I fidget. ha
Sheet Music is a great straight-forward read from Christian author Dr. Kevin Leman. Years ago, I read Sex Begins in the Kitchen and his book on birth order. I recommend them all.
I picked this one up at Walmart recently when I was in the mood to go home, relax, and read. Sometimes the thought of just curling up to read at the end of the day is the best! I truly enjoyed this book and will be looking for more books by Karen Witemeyer!
Since I'm a big fan of this author, I downloaded this one last week. It starts out sad and slow, but I'm glad I kept reading...It was worth it! 

And here's a look at the books that I'm currently reading; I usually don't start more than two at a time. I think it's the Kindle's fault... I'll post about them when I finish...


  1. Go Ron for knowing your love language! Love your list and will have to check out some of them. We read Sheet Music when we were engaged. I also read One Thousand Gifts last year and am currently reading the devotional! Love it! Keep them coming, sister! :)

  2. I personally would never read a single one of those books but enjoyed your reviews nonetheless. Have you signed up for Bookbub, you get an email every day with free or cheap ebooks suited to your reading habits. Another great source is ereader cafe, also there is a FB page KOTC, that sends updates on free books. I have a Nook Tablet and Nook HD+, had a hard time deciding between Nook and Kindle.

  3. I LOVED Family Driven Faith. Your sister recommended it, ha!


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