Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ava & Addison's Room: Before & After

Eventually, the girls will share this room... When we first came to see this house, Ava asked for a pink room; I've been on such a turquoise-kick the past few years so it threw me off a little. Ha. I wanted her to pick though so I started looking at pinks (I've never picked a pink paint color). I always use Sherwin-Williams paint. I saw White Dogwood on Favorite Paint Colors blog and went with it. It turned out good, I think. I like how their room turned out. I think it'll last a long time, and I still have a few things that I want to do!

BEFORE: needed new paint, carpet, and to lose the curtain (which Ava thought was grand;)
At our apartment, I'd used a mismatched bedding with colorful pillows. I was ready to find something else. I looked for a while. I kept hoping I'd run across a cute quilt at Marshall's... Finally, I ordered this Pottery Barn quilt via eBay; I've really liked it for years. Ava liked it a lot too.

Over the bed: I found the A & K at a flea market for $12 total already painted. Then I had the M in my garage; I had used it on my front door for a while. Since the girls have the same initials, it works.
I really need to start taking pictures with my actual camera again.. Sorry for the iphone pics. The wall to the right of the bed is eventually going to be a gallery wall of snap shots of Ava & Addison. I have two white frames with white mattes so far..
I just used the simple white curtains we already had since the quilt is busy. Thought it would balance it all out. I did get the mercury glass-looking rod at Target after we moved in.
Lamp & globe-- Target; Bible verse-- baby gift; cute stuffed animal-- a Brittany yard sale find

Love this little bird-- flea market
My childhood rocking chair from my grandparents; Ava's favorite bear "Mama Bear;" blanket-- Tuesday Morning
Canvas was a birthday gift; repainted my grandmother's birdcage; frame--Gordman's
This pink light was from a friend..BIG improvement from the previous light.
Love this frame-- from that same flea market where the letters & bird came from. 

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