Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homeschool Report

Ava's first semester of Kindergarten was eventful. I learned more about myself and my struggles to manage our time (it's getting better:). I am so grateful to be able to do this with her. I want to be her influence. She is always ready to learn! Through Sonlight, our curriculum, she's been exposed to different cultures, Bible memorization, science, and art. I was nervous about teaching her to read, but that's been so much better than I imagined!
We read these chapter books: The Boxcar Children, One Hundred Dresses, My Father's Dragon, The Family Under the Bridge.
I look for ways to incorporate art into our lessons because Ava LOVES doing crafts. I'm so glad we have this common bond! :)
We have school in different areas of our house to switch things up. So far, my favorite place is the dining room. I'm thinking about working to have a place in our playroom for school for first grade. I can't decide..
Ron also helps with her schooling on his day off. He does great with her reading lessons.
This month, we enrolled her for a week-long class at the Memphis Zoo. It was really great.. they had a long list of vocabulary words to learn before. Some of the highlights of her week included seeing a baby owl and baby seal, watching a seal show, feeding a giraffe, and doing LOTS of crafts. Plus, her neighbor and friend, Lily, was in her class.
For the spring, we are planning a trip to Mud Island and hopefully The Orpheum. And honestly, I cherish the days that we don't have to go anywhere. I love our time at home together.

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