Tuesday, January 29, 2013

December Festivities Part 2

Now that January is wrapping up, I'll post about December:/
We had a great month of family, friends, celebrating, and activities. A few things that stand out are Ava's excitement over looking at all of our Christmas decorations, Ron having more time off than usual, and our anniversary trip!
Here's our Christmas scrapbook...

I took Ava to paint an ornament.. She chose an owl and painted it to match her pink Christmas tree. I love to watch her have her own ideas. She's crafty!

I love these mornings... Ava & Addison snuggling in our bed. This was a laid back morning of Ava doing her oral reading with a little help from Sister.

Shopping for Christmas parties-- I took this one to show Ron how creative I have to get with piling in the groceries. Ava is officially too tall for sitting in the cart:(

I had a blast dressing the girls up in their festive clothes!

Ava is becoming more and more independent. She likes picking out her clothes and "styling" herself;)

We were riding around looking at the crazy amount of lights on this street, and Santa walked up to our car to give Ava a candycane. He and his family were hanging outside on a Friday night doing this. So fun.

one of the houses

Sweet Addison! She's just so happy!! This was Ava's first Christmas dress too.

A snapshot of Como Courtyard where Ron & I celebrated TEN years of marriage! It was such a great time. We walked down the street to eat dinner, relaxed in the hot tub, sat outside since the weather was very warm for December, and also went to pick up Addison around midnight who wasn't having a bottle. Ha! We ended up bringing both girls back with us.

We hosted our homeschool small group's Christmas party. Here's Maria & me. We probably enjoy dressing up a little too much;)

Our tacky family: I found Ron, Ava, and Addison a little something at Goodwill that morning!

The Sammons family

Ava was all dressed and ready to go out to dinner and shopping with her daddy. She requested shrimp and Claire's. They had a wonderful time while Addison and I hung out with my friends for our annual girls' Christmas party.

Love these girls!!

Thankful for all the laughs we had! They're the best.

Fun night of Dirty Santa and snacking and talking

Our Christmas tree (that never felt truly "finished")

Ava fixed her hair and told me to take a pic and send it to Aunt "Brissy."

All ready for church, and Addison was so mad that I put her down.

Mimi & Addison

Addison & Aunt Bobbie

Papaw Little with his four great-grandchildren

Brittany's family:)

We got Reid this adorable placemat.

Very excited about Lalaloopsy!!

After we left Brittany's house on Christmas Eve, Ava got to open one of her presents from us, the bow & arrow from Brave. Ron told her to go put on her Merida outfit, and then she got her gift. After they practiced with it, we made popcorn and watched the movie which she got from Aunt Britt earlier that night. Snuggling up with my family that night was the perfect end to a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning... We opened presents, ate lunch at Waffle House-- WH is always in the mix with us around the holidays.. a fun tradition, went to a movie, and then had sushi for dinner! I had so much fun with my family. So blessed. So thankful.

Ava with two of her favorite presents: Barbie & the Popstar dress up (basically the only thing she said over and over again that she wanted) and her Our Generation doll.

The day after Christmas it snowed! So pretty.

It's tradition to go to Target the day after Christmas...

Random, I know... but my Christmas present to myself.. a laundry sorter! The best $35 I've spent in a long time.

Thank you, Uncle Danny & Aunt Kayla

We had a great time with Danny & Kayla. They spent New Year's Eve with us. We grilled out and exchanged presents and got to visit.

Ava and I finally made her gingerbread house on New Year's Day. Ha!

Love this craft that was made at church.

During this beautiful season of family, celebrating Jesus, and traditions, my mother-in-law was never far from my mind. Our first Christmas without her....

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  1. Such a sweet family scrapbook of post. Your girls are so beautiful inside and out. Ava can't help to be creative since creativity is always around her. Please let me know when she starts helping you move your furniture around! Ha! Miss you sweet friend!


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