Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

I have been struggling with my weight on and off for six years, especially the last four. On our wedding day, I weighed 112 pounds, and I loved how I looked! I've never been that small again. Four and a half years later when I was nine months pregnant, I weighed 165 pounds. Now Ava is 3 years old and I've fluctuated between 128-152-- UGH! Right now, it's the higher end of that! I have taken phentermine several times in the last five years and it works; however, it makes me VERY cranky-- no longer an option. 

Sooooooo, here I am. Ron & I are talking about a little brother/sister for Ava:), but I'm desperately needing to get this weight off and get back into shape. In my childhood, teen years, & early twenties, I was extremely active with riding bikes with my sister & friends, skating, cheer leading, martial arts, softball, a little tennis, aerobic kickboxing, dance team... you get the idea, I was super-active (and could eat basically whatever I wanted). 

Fast-forward to today; I'm almost 29, a busy wife/mom/teacher/housekeeper, and I have to learn how to have a healthy body in this season of my life. I'm telling you all of this to hold myself accountable. Last week Niki and I starting meeting at the track in our town to walk/jog. It's great because we get to catch up on our lives while our kiddos are spending some quality time with daddy. We push each other. I also joined our church's softball team; we had our first practice two days ago, and I'm so sore!!! :( 

Monday we started to eat according to the plan laid out by Dr. Melissa Hershburg. I learned about her from our Alabama friend last year; Lonnie lost 60pounds, and the most important part is he's kept it off for two years and looks GREAT! He's incorporated her healthy/common sense principles into everyday life. So with the walking/jogging, healthy eating plan, softball playing, and 3 year old chasing,  I'm looking forward to being content with my body again! I'm putting this out there for accountability! 

Today's weight: 151.


  1. You are so bold! I am proud of you! You are some great inspiration! Good luck!

  2. you HAVE to get Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Its a 20 minute workout. I did for the straight 30 days back in March and saw GREAT results. I took off a few months but im getting back into it! I love it because its only 20 minutes! I promise you will love it. Its a really tough workout too, you feel like you've worked out for hours afterwards!


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