Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brooke's Bargains 28

This was the best yard sale weekend I've had in MONTHS! The weather was a little cooler, and there were yard sales everywhere. I only got to stay out from 7-8:30 because Ron had to go to work and the satellite guy came to fix something. I never did post my finds from last week- mostly I just got maternity clothes & baby clothes for Brittany (maybe she'll put them on her blog:). I can only imagine what I missed...Ha! I've been doing some work on the side, so I had a little more to splurge with today.

I got these two lamp finials for $0.50.
Four throw pillows for $8
Cute canvas for $5
Two lamp shades, basket, picture frame, pottery, wreath: $5
This was my splurge (I usually only spend $10-$20 total on Saturdays). For almost 3 years, I've been needing a rug in my great room; those concrete floors are hard and cold! I've had my eye on one at Target very similar to this 96" x 132" rug. The problem was that Target's rug is $379.99! I got this one for $80. YAY!
My mom has one kinda like this for Ava's pics that she keeps in her purse; I knew she'd love one for Baby Reid  too. $1
Brittany registered for this same stroller (Target $55). I got it for $10; the lady said she only used it ONCE! She also registered for the little backpack/leash:). It's $12 in store; I paid $3.
Two pairs of shoes for Ava $4.
Polo shirt for Job $1.
Shirt for me $1.
Shirt for me $2
Pants for work $2
Cute dress $3

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  1. omg, i'm jealous. love reid's stuff, fyi i need a lamp finial for my turquiose lamp... love ava posing!

  2. Wow!!!! You did very well today. I always enjoy looking at what you find each week.


  3. You did a great job today! You are such a good bargain shopper, and I can't wait to see your creative touch to your finds!

  4. you hit the jack pot!!! I truly love everything you got!!!! Awesome finds and great prices!!!

  5. Wow, you really found some great bargains. I love that rug. And how fun is it when you find EXACTLY what you want at a fraction of the cost.


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