Saturday, August 7, 2010

Princess Party

Niki's sweet Mary Abbott turned three! The birthday party was so cute!! When the "princesses" arrived, they were treated to a make-over! Ava is so shy when she first encounters new people, but she had a blast.

precious invitations
the make-over station
Aren't they adorable?!
My little Snow White. This is Ava's favorite dress-up outfit.
We got Mary Abbott a gift certificate for mani/pedi and some bubble bath, lip gloss, & polish.
Niki makes cute cakes! Last year, she made a big mermaid out of cupcakes. I was impressed. Mary Abbott was so excited about her cake, and she squeezed Niki really hard. I had tears in my eyes! Where does time go?? Niki moved to my hometown when we were in the sixth grade. We've been friends ever since. Then I let myself think about the first day that my one month old Ava and I came to visit Mary Abbott for the first time. Ugh, time flies no matter what!
Pancake time!
This is Niki's niece Emma Kate. She was the make-up artist today. She told Niki that she's dressed up as Mulan who is not a very popular princess, but she is a princess! HA ha ha!

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  1. What a sweet princess! Please tell her that I think she looks just like Snow White! We need to catch up! I hope you have a wonderful day!


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