Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Classroom

I teach U.S. History (it's a state tested subject area- lots of pressure) at the high school that I graduated from in 2000. I started my career about 30 minutes away in a middle school; I think it's good to teach somewhere that's not "home" first. It is neat (in most ways) to be teaching where I was a student from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade. One of the teachers on my hallway taught me... This will be my 7th year to teach. Time flies! Teaching is a tough career, and I strive to maintain a positive attitude. I wish I could take a year's vacation from teaching and try other fields of work. More about that later;) Well, I've been meaning to show y'all my 'home away from home.'
We aren't allowed to paint the walls, so I do my best to cover as much of that beige paint as possible! The time line is helpful for the students. 

I love these black and white posters.
Well, the cafe lights we used for Brittany's wedding four years ago have come in handy again:) I use fabric for the bulletin board- very durable. Next to that is an old chalkboard that I use for the "happy birthday" board.

"my life collage"- I like to show my students a little about my past & present
This wall was Brittany's idea, & I LOVE it! She bought me a box of old records at a flea market. I had my student helper spray paint them and hot glue them to the wall in the shape of the American flag.
I bought this fabric at Hobby Lobby for my curtain.
My aunt gave me her mini-fridge when she retired from 30 years of teaching! Brittany  was going to sell this microwave at a yard sale & I grabbed it! :)

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  1. very cute!!! love the record wall & glad the microwave is coming in helpful, you can make hot cocoa this winter. classroom looks great!!

  2. Very nice! I'm a teacher too, but I haven't even started to think about the school year yet. I still have 2 1/2 weeks :) Actually just about five minutes ago I received the email with my teaching assignment for the upcoming school year. They keep shuffling me around the district. I'll be teaching grade 6-7-8. Good times!

  3. I love that you have a mini fridge and microwave in your classroom! The flag/records is pretty neat too.

  4. I wish we were allowed to have a fridge and microwave in our classrooms! It is against district policy!! I really like your record flag. Your room looks great! I just posted pictures of my room from last year but this years is still a work in progress! Your daughter is beautiful!!

  5. Very cute...I love the black and white pictures!!!

  6. WOW I love your room! I teach 3rd Grade but it's GREAT to see a room for the older students that is still fun and not boring! I love the record flag, the life collage, the twinkly lights -- I just got several great ideas for the future! :) Have a great year!



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