Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Halloween weekend started with a costume party at one of my best friends' house; I borrowed one of my students' costumes because I didn't want to spend much money right before Christmas! I did have to swing by Goodwill to pick up the pink sweatshirt for a few dollars:) 
I haven't cooked in weeks, so I stocked up at Walmart. I made cowboy soup and chicken pasta and salad and corn bread- YUM! 
Poor Ava was not feeling well this weekend...runny nose/eyes/cough:( We didn't take her to our church's harvest festival Sunday morning because it was so chilly outside. Ava and I took a long nap too!
Later that afternoon we helped Brittany finish up Reid's nursery. It looks great!
Then we took Ava to a few houses for her first trick or treating experience (the past few years, we've been to my parents' church for their big fall event instead). I think she thought we were just going to one house because at the following houses, she kept asking, "What are we doing now?" She walked up to the door so big and said, "Trick or Treating!" It was priceless! I love her!!

I kinda looked like a brunette version of the 80s Madonna?! Christie and Anna were vampires, and Niki was Barbie (her husband was Ken with his sweater wrapped around his shoulders- too funny). Christie complained all night that her fangs were giving her lock jaw;)
Here's our little Candy Corn! She said that she was a GIRL candy corn. I found her costume and treat bag at yard sales for $1.50 total.
She is such a sweet child! You can tell she doesn't feel her best...


  1. So much fun! Reid's nursery looks great. I hope Ava feels better. I would love to plan a date during the holidays to craft! Have a great day, my friend!

  2. LOVE the costumes!!! Isn't even more thrilling to know you barely spent any money on them HA! Have a great week :)

  3. she looked so cute in her girl candy corn outfit. thanks so much for all your help sunday, hope A is feeling better,her little red eyes made me sad. :(


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