Monday, November 22, 2010

Maria's Home Classroom

I've known Maria for many years now. I met her at community college and remember that she was she and her boyfriend (now husband) Tim went on the Biology class spider hunt that my room mates and I attended (strangely, it was really fun!) When Ron and I decided to search out a new church home that was closer to our house, I was excited to know at least one person: Maria! To know her, is to love her! She and Tim have been married almost nine years and have four gorgeous children: Elijah, Hannah, Graham, and Grisham. They have followed God's prompting to homeschool their family. Last night, we went over to hangout after church. I hadn't seen the finished classroom until then, so I was super-impressed! I am very interested in homeschooling Ava, and I enjoy listening to Maria's ideas, struggles, and triumphs! 

I love this scrapbook/decoupaged table!

Her mom painted the tree.

Maria is the person that inspired me to start yard sale shopping. Every time I complimented her clothes or her children's clothes, she always told me that she found them at yard sales. She has also found lots of her school supplies at yard sales.

This room is the bonus room upstairs: the perfect place for a classroom.

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