Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jeanine's House

Jeanine and I were introduced to one another about 12 years ago through a college recruiter who thought we'd be great roommates. I had no idea that day that I would meet a such a wonderful lifelong friend! God has been so faithful to send the perfect friend in each season of my life. We lived together for two years at community college-- we probably had the cutest on-campus apartment thanks to her mom, Jill, a very talented seamstress! Maybe that's when my love of all things decor began! Jeanine and I were often thought to be sisters while in college together. We thought it was hilarious! Now we live about two hours apart and get together several times a year to catch up, and we ALWAYS shop! That girl is the best shopper I know!! This past weekend Ava and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the night with Jeanine in her new home. I can't believe she and her husband, Eric, have only lived here for ONE month. It is so together! I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked because we were all getting ready for the housewarming party...
at our dorm cookout about 10 years ago!

So gorgeous!!

Jeanine found some GREAT rugs at TJ Maxx! I love this one.

I love the master bathroom. The chandelier is such a pretty touch!

I really like this tile in the shower.
Our friend Carly and her future sister-in-law did a wonderful job of throwing the Housewarming Party.

I really like the separate office decorated in Mississippi State.

Of course, I love this old rustic chair!

very pretty half bathroom

I want a Thanksgiving plate like this!

We were last minute trying to make wreaths before the big party:)


  1. Beautiful! My favorite part was the ribbon around the lamp in the half bath. SO cute!


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