Friday, April 16, 2010

A Bird Nest, A Blessing, & A Birthday Party

I meant to put this bird nest on my Pier 1 post...I got this on sale to use for an Easter decoration. I don't have many Easter things yet. I love this!

On Tuesday, I kinda 'vented' about work and being too busy; I got the sweetest text from my friend Haven to cheer me up a bit. Then a few hours later, my friend Niki texted me to say that she was bringing dinner over to our house that evening. How WONDERFUL! I never understood how great it was to have someone bring a hot dinner to your family when work has piled up (and money happened to be on the tight side this week)!!! It's one of the most thoughtful things you can do! I snapped a quick pic of our delicious dinner:

Tonight, I took Ava to Hudson's 4th birthday party. His mom, Jamie, does such a great job of planning and organizing events! The theme was SUPERHEROES!
Party favors (ours got a little squished before I could get a pic)

This was one of the cutest cakes I've seen at a party:

Here's Ava with "Super-Harrison"-

Ava LOVED going down this giant slide...I was nervous about it, but she was fine.

There was a little tattoo station set up at the party too, so Ava got a pink Superman tat:)

What a fun party! Well, we have a busy day of yard sales, baseball game ticket duty, and church workshop tomorrow! Whew!


  1. Love the post...thanks for the shout out.:) I know it means a lot when people help.
    I also love Ava's tat..that's funny.

  2. love the pink tat! that slide is enormous!! maybe you should get one for her bday.


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