Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Out of my comfort zone!

One of my best friends, Shannon, joined a fairly new company, Rodan + Fields. They are the doctors who created ProActiv in 1994. It was a 9 billion dollar company that they eventually sold. They surprised people by using infomericals as their means of getting the word out, but it worked!
They began to see a trend-- people weren't coming to them with acne problems nearly as often; it was concerns with fighting the signs of aging, sun damage, rosacea, eczema,... So a few years ago, the doctors launched Rodan + Fields with amazing new products. At the core are four skin regimens: Reverse, Anti-Age, Unblemish, and Soothe. What strikes me is that now they have products for everyone with skin! ;) If ProActiv was a $9 billion dollar company, and acne actually effects only a relatively small percentage of people, and aging effects everyone-- wow!
Originally, R+F was 'behind the glass' at large department stores; in fact, it was the #1 best seller at Nordstroms and Lord & Taylor. Why did they pull the products from these stores? They found that it wasn't the store employees selling the products; it was word of mouth, friend to friend...just like we do everyday, "Where did you get your hair done? Where did you find those boots?" Direct sales is a smart business model, and consultants are proving that daily.
I'll rewind back a few months...Shannon was talking to me about this. I recognized the doctors' names since I'd used ProActiv before with great results, and I'd seen their new products mentioned in a magazine (later found out they are in magazines monthly-- Allure, O, Martha Stewart Weddings, In Style, and more). She invited me to her business launch right about the time we were moving and all that goes with it. I agreed to go only because I love Shannon:). As I listened to my new friend, Candice, explain momentum and the fact that this company has not hit that level yet, I was very interested. Two weeks later, I asked Ron to go with me to another business presentation. Since he's been in a variety of sales positions, he's usually skeptical since he's seen both sides. He thought this was something to pray about. We did, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I felt that I should do this even though it's definitely out of my comfort zone! Since I resigned full-time teaching, I've been teaching parttime and doing other side jobs to help us financially. I've never had an opportunity to 'write my own paycheck.' I joined this company on September 1. It's so groundfloor, that I'm only 12 people down from Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields. That's crazy! I love that unlike many direct sales companies, I do NOT have to host parties or stock inventory. My customers simply go to my website,, and place their order, and it ships to them. No delivering for me to do either. A few other things I love about this opportunity are the new friends I have made, the Christian leadership in the company, and the training calls that I can listen to at my own leisure (usually when I'm folding laundry!). I'm excited to see where this road will take me! Here's a quick video from the first R+F consultant, Sarah Robbins.

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