Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ava starts kindergarten

Our Ava began kindergarten last month! We are using Sonlight curriculum and Distar reading this year. When I went to a huge homeschool convention in the spring, I really liked their products & plans. We are also in a life group for homeschoolers-- we have once/month activities (the past few months: pool party, picnic in the park, homeless shelter, and fire station field trip).
Our usual place to have school is at our kitchen table; however, we've also learned in an ICU waiting room, in the car on a road trip, on the patio, and on the couch. I love the flexibility. I feel very blessed to be her teacher, and I love seeing those 'light bulb' moments. She's doing well with reading and enjoys it. She also lives for craft time; I wonder who she got that from? :) Thankfully, Ava is an eager learner, and she keeps me accountable!
And to keep it real: It's hard somedays! Getting into the routine, ignoring housework that never ends, being overwhelmed by all the things that we could be doing with school, and feeling behind on things are battles that I'm having to work through. I am responsible for her learning. I can see now that setting boundaries for our school time will be a must. And taking it one day at a time is the key!

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  1. How blessed you are! I'm so glad that Ava is enjoying school and that you can be so flexible. I can't imagine how much fun you are having with crafting! I think you need to teach her how to paint furniture! :)


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