Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brooke's Bargains 53

It went from 85 degrees to about 45 degrees overnight! Chilly yard sale morning here! The girls and I went to two different neighborhood sales. We actually found the best stuff for Reid today, but we already gave the finds to Brittany.

2 shirts for Ron & a sweater for me with tags, $3 total
Addison got jeggings;), 3 pair of cords, a shirt, mittens, & a bib for $5.75
Ava picked out the leotard for her dressup collection; plus we found her 2 pairs of shoes, 2 shirts, 2 pair of Gap pj sets. $11
I'll have a better pic of this soon! Someone at church heard that I was looking for an antique sideboard. She sent me this picture last night and said it's mine in exchange for a little decorating help at her house. I'm excited! Can't wait to paint it and put it in my dining room. I'm thinking about trying out the chalk paint recipe that my friend Haven used!

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  1. I recommend getting the real Chalk Paint. It's expensive, but it's really worth it. I have used both and the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is just so amazing... Just my 2 cents! (popping over from Brittany's to catch up on you all!)


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