Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
I had such a good day. It was another gorgeous day of weather! I love it!! I started my day by having breakfast with my mother-in-law and Ava. Then Ava & I went to church with my parents. Brittany came down to our parents' house for lunch. We had a yummy lunch:), visited, and took pictures outside in front of their pretty flowers. Afterwards, I picked up Ron from church; he had so much fun on his retreat! Ava slept in the car, so we just sat in the driveway and talked about our weekend adventures. Then Ron's family called to see if we wanted to go out to dinner at Outback--of course, we did! What a nice day! And I only have 17 days 'til Summer Break!

me with the mother-to-be!

Daddy with his 3 girls (maybe 4?) ;)

13 weeks pregnant:

Ava & Ron's mom

Ava with Aunt Kayla & Uncle Danny

This was so funny--Ava got into the baby powder while I was brushing my teeth last night. I turned around & this is what I saw. Then she asked, "Mommy, does this look good?" It sure does. :) HA.

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  1. you found great stuff!!! mothers day was fun, ready for a-fair saturday!


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