Friday, September 28, 2012

Ava's Dress-Up Party

It goes without saying that Ava loves to dress-up. She has a big imagination, and I can see her being in theatrical productions in the near future:). When trying to decide what to do for her birthday party, Brittany suggested a dress-up party and told me to just wait until we moved-- great advice (she also knew that planning a party three weeks after moving into our new house would seriously motivate me...more on that later;). When I was five, I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven if I had as many princess dresses as Ava. The majority of them have been yard sale finds (paying $1-$3 for them is perfect compared to the $25 tag at Target!) and birthday/Christmas presents.
I love etsy and pinterest! It makes party planning even easier. I found her printable invitations and cupcake toppers here.  A few days before the big event, the girls and I went to Hobby Lobby to get ribbon, plates, napkins, ect.
One of the best ideas I've ever had was asking Jordan, a precious teen from church, to come help me. She made everything so much easier, especially since my sister couldn't be here. Jordan pitched in and did stuff before I could even ask her to. It.was.wonderful.
On the day of the party, Ava was in full dress up mode by 10 am (the party started at 6 pm)...sparkley dress, tiara, jewelry, lip gloss, glitter eyeshadow... She couldn't wait for her friends to arrive. It was such a fun night. The kids played and giggled for hours. There's nothing better than having family and friends around and seeing your child laughing and having the time of her life.
I went to bed that night very, very thankful (and very tired:).

Ava & Tuesday
I love crafting.
Thankfully, I just had to raid the playroom to come up with plenty of things!
Niki & Mary Abbott
Mimi (I have a feeling my mom was worn out from all the stuff I had her doing before!), Papa, & Addison with her tutu on
I borrowed my friend's Pampered Chef kit. Loved it so much I bought one.
Britt saw this idea on Pinterest and passed it along to me. They made edible jewelry out of chocolate covered pretzels, fruit loops, cheerios, and gummy lifesavers.
Ava's dresses
"wardrobe change" #457
Mary Catherine, Shannon, Maria, & Daisy
the "big" girls doing A's makeup
Ava & Lexie
Sweet girls! Amelia, Maddie, Abby, Hannah Mae, Irby, Lexie, Paisley, Ava, Caitlyn, Mary Catherine, Macy Claire, & Mary Abbott

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  1. Sweet party! Nothing like dressing up! Can't wait to hear about the motivation! :)


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