Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brooke's Bargains 49

I took three Saturdays 'off' from thrifting after Addison was born, but I've been back in the swing of things for the last four weeks-- just haven't been good about blogging lately. Whew, this past Saturday was HOT. I've found some great bargains lately.
smocked dress & swimsuit cover-up, $6

Little Mermaid, Polly Pocket, doll dress, and dress-up shoes, $1 total (the mermaid is $25 at Walmart)

25 cents for this giant activity book...Ava has loved it.

Ava picked out these cowboy boots that are way too big now:) . Basket, Polo shorts, coloring books, Arthur books, Old Navy cardigan, tutu, and 4 solid long sleeve shirts from Old Navy: $5 total

Gap dresses for each of the girls: $2

For Addison: Minnie Mouse costume, tutu, three dresses: $1.25

Pottery Barn and Gap pjs: $1.50

All of this for Addison for $4.50

Hit the jackpot for Ava: Polly Pockets with accessories and wooden dress-up dolls, $2
Jack in the Box for Addison: 50 cents

For me, jeans and 3 shirts: $1.75
I forgot to take a picture of my other jeans that I got for $1. They're so cute!

oops, didn't turn the pic...cute rainboots $1

Ugh, what did I do to these pics?! Well, I got this cute basket and things for Ava for $1



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  1. Great job turning your pics! Ha, glad you finally blogged about your goodies!


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