Sunday, February 26, 2012

2nd Trimester Highlights

The best thing about this trimester has been finding out that we're having a girl (of course, we would have been equally excited if it were a boy). I am excited for Ava to experience having a little sister like me:). Her name will be Addison Kora which means in God's image and maiden. The girls will have the same initials. We can't wait to meet her!! It's been 4.5 years since we've had a tiny baby in our home. Ava keeps saying, "It's taking forever for Baby Addison to get here." Most of the time when we go to the doctor appointments, she asks if the doctor is going to get the baby out of my tummy.

Once I knew the gender, the planning begin! I went to our mini-storage and pulled out all of our girl clothes and accessories-- since I've saved everything of Ava's, it was a lot! I went through everything to reorganize it, discard items that I didn't like or need, and make a LIST-- needs, wants, to do, what to pack for hospital,... (I love lists). It was a big job. I've been slowly, but surely making Addison her own space. We moved the dresser that had served as a buffet back into the girls' room. It will be a changing table and storage once again. I think I got into nesting mode as soon as Christmas was over.

Physically, I traded some first trimester symptoms for some second trimester ones... Thank goodness, the nausea and extreme fatigue ended around 15 weeks, the same as it did with my first pregnancy. I guess I could be the poster child for typical pregnancy cravings as I've eaten more pickles than I care to admit. I've gained a total of 11 pounds during this pregnancy. I feel like some things just happened sooner in my second pregnancy like back aches and waddling like a penguin;) I also had a terrible stomach virus and sinus infection this trimester. When I feel frustrated about not feeling good, sporadic sleep, or having little energy, I focus on holding this sweet blessing in May and enjoying all of her flips and jabs and activity that we can feel and see now!

Speaking of blessings, one of my best friends, Shannon, let me borrow all of her maternity clothes. She was pregnant during the exact same time and had more clothes than imaginable-- I could wear a different shirt everyday for a month! I haven't bought one single item of maternity gear.

I have a good relationship with my OB/GYN. He's been my doctor for the past eight years. When he replaced his old ultrasound machine, he asked me to come while he was being trained for it. I got to see our baby on the 4D screen for over an hour and get some really neat pictures. I was blown away; I didn't get to do this the first go-around.

So, as I move into the final trimester, I'm looking more forward everyday to seeing this baby girl, holding a newborn, seeing Ron experience the miracle again, and watching Ava being a big sister. On a practical note, I'm looking forward to marking everything off of my to-do list, trying out some baby gear that I didn't before, my favorite season: spring, and getting active again after the birth. I'm so thankful.

baby feet!
Addison Kora Mayfield
Thanksgiving Day, very beginning of 2nd trimester

the very end of 2nd trimester
(I look tired and ugh, but at least I finally remembered to take a picture when I'm not in my pjs.)


  1. Addison has popped out! Ready for the sweet girl to be here!

  2. So sweet! I love the name and can't wait to see the space! Lists are fun. I think that is one reason we are friends! Ha! She looks precious! Have fun nesting!

  3. I just realized how long its been since i have seen you!! Yey for Addison!! You look great.

  4. You look so cute and I love the name Addison!


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