Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Apartment: Before & After: Living Room

Our apartment's living room is really small compared to the spacious bedrooms, and we have large furniture and home theater-type equipment. We arranged it the best way possible and have learned that if one or two things are out of place the whole place seems like a wreck!
One of the first things I did, with my sister's help, was the gallery wall above the couch. Practically everything was a gift, a yard sale find, or a Goodwill find. We laid everything out on the floor and just went for it. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I really like it. I had the curtains (Pier 1 via great eBay deal), table (my grandmother's), rug (Target from 6 years ago), and lamp already (a wedding gift). I did sell my former accent pillows and replaced them with some from Target. I have also picked out a few with unique patterns on that I plan to order soon. I love sitting in this room when all is its place and the lamp is on and a candle is lit... ahhh...

To keep it real, I have stuff stashed in that corner that needs to be crammed into our storage room. Grrr....
This is where we spend most of our at-home time...
Love the newest pic of Baby Addison!
Old screen door from my friend Emily
I think gallery walls are fun.
Made the little burlap banner a few weeks ago


  1. Your living room looks so beautiful & COZY!! I could look at it all day :)

  2. Love the feel- so warm and rustic! I think this would make a great inspiration for renters out there who want to achieve the same effect.


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