Thursday, March 1, 2012

This season...

Several months ago Kelly did a blog post of one week in their life, so that she could look back and remember that season. Mine won't be nearly as detailed, but I thought it would be neat to read this years from now.
My life from age 5-now (30) has revolved around semesters at school; I've either been a student or a teacher for the past 25 years-- it's all I know. So this semester that began in January has been busy as usual. Our days our fairly flexible as long as I can start getting ready around 3 o'clock for whatever obligation I have that night. Typical days include cleaning house-- the more we're at home, the more dishes, vacuuming, and picking up there is to do. I usually have a cup of coffee and begin on whatever chore that is most pressing. Ava wakes up between 8-9 most everyday. She likes to watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I make breakfast. I'm trying to get in a better routine with her preschool work; we read together, do crafts, play, go outside to the playground, and do house jobs together (she helps with emptying the trash, making her bed, and loves to use her scrub brush in whatever room I'm working on). One thing we both really enjoy is meeting friends for breakfast/lunch at Chick-fil-A for inexpensive play dates. Ron and Ava get to spend good quality time together on my school nights, and on Thursdays Ron has music practice at church. Ava loves going with him. He's also been doing a lot of the grocery shopping lately. Yay!
What I haven't been good at is getting rest during the day even though I work at night. The classes require preparation (nothing like looking at a room full of adults and winging it;) and getting completely ready, and driving 20+ minutes one way. With pregnancy and my tendency to get in the zone on whatever project I have going on at home, I'm often exhausted to the point of tears before I get to work. I keep saying, "I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Only 2 more months of this particular schedule!" I'll be off work for the month of May; teach two online classes in June & July; and only teach on Monday nights during the fall semester! Currently my commitment schedule looks like this:

6:30 p-9p teach English Comp. II
6:30 p- 9 p
teach Beginning English
4 p-8 p
drop Ava off with Miss Emily; online classes; church
6:30 p-9 p
teach English Comp. II
6:30 p- 8:30 p
Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (13 weeks)
Yard sales!

*Pretty much the only evening we’re all home together.
9:15 a- 11:45 a

5 p- 8 p
Life Group
(every other Sunday evening)


  1. I think this will be neat to come back to years down the road! Thank goodness your schedule is only a season! Whoo!

  2. I got sleepy reading this. I laugh out loud every time you use the phrase winging it. Love you!


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