Saturday, March 5, 2011

Livin' Life 2

Some fun memory-making/randomness since my last 'Life' post have been: 

  • Mom's birthday! Dad, Mom, Ron, Ava, Job, Brittany, Reid, and me met at one of  her favorite restaurants: Outback Steakhouse for dinner. It was great. My mom is not a shopper, so she is always excited to see what Britt and I pick out for her:) The week before Mom made a feast for all of us. What a treat to get to hang out with my family!
  • February's Supper Club was hosted by Christie. She decided to give it a sparkly theme, so we came dressed in glitter and sequins! It was a blast. She did a salad theme: chicken, pasta, potato with delicious cupcakes for dessert. I love getting together once a month with old friends. Some of us go all the way back to kindergarten! And Katie made a big announcement: her first baby is on the way!
  • Ava is at such an adorable, fun age! Recently, singing is something she's really into! Ron has a beautiful voice (and I do NOT), so hopefully, she got his singing gene! :) Every time we get in the car, she asks to listen to her worship c.d.! She also has a thing for the Gaither Vocal Band. I hear her singing while she colors and plays too.
  • Last weekend, the three of us went to the beauty revue at the high school where I teach. Ron was asked to be the emcee. I enjoyed seeing my students in a different element, and Ava thought that they were all princesses in their gorgeous, colorful dresses!! The next day, we went to support my best teacher friend, who is also the head fast pitch softball coach, Tammy's team. The weather could not have been more perfect for softball watching.
  • With Ron working retail, he normally is off during the week so he and Ava go on outings while I'm at school. They have become regulars at the park. He also took her to get her nails painted one day which I thought was soooooo cute and sweet! She picked out lime green with glitter, of course;)
  • A co-worker had a catalog Scentsy party a few weeks ago. I have heard so much about it, but didn't even really know what it was all about. I decided to give it a whirl. They had a special for a medium warmer and three bars-- I chose cucumber melon, cotton, and havana cabana (I think). I have it plugged in now, and it works so well!
  • I have so many friends that are expecting babies! I went to Crystal's shower two weeks ago in the same town where my grandpa lives. Then I was privileged to help throw a shower for Meg. Can't wait to meet Ford and Gaines!!!
My mom is the sweetest!
FUN times:)
One of the pageant girls. I held Lauren the day she was born, and now she's a student in my 11th grade class! Do I feel old?! Where does time go? She is the same age as I was when I was carrying her around!
We dropped in to see Papaw. It made his day!
Sweet Crystal
Meg got some awesome gifts for Baby Gaines!

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  1. I'm lovin your new hair style!!! Miss Ava is still cute as ever!!! I'm so ready for yard sale season!!!! I hope y'all are doing well!!!!


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