Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Weekend FUN!!

Last weekend was so much fun! I took Ava to the pumpkin patch at Cedar Hill Farm. She loves all of the animals! We saw a pig race, and she rode a pony. Then we went on a hayride to the patch where she got to pick out her own pumpkin while I took lots of pictures! :) After we left the pumpkin patch, we went to visit Ron at work. I asked her what she wanted for dinner, and she said,"Mexican!" How cute! (And you never have to twist my arm when it comes to that!:)

The next day after church, Ron, Ava, and I met my parents and Job and Brittany at the Mid-South Fair. There's so much to see, do, and eat at the fair! Ava's favorite ride was the giant slide that she rode with her daddy! She also rode a mini-roller coaster with me for the first time. She put her little hands up in the air- adorable! I had a flashback of my childhood when Ava rode the little motorcycles because there is a picture of me doing the same thing at the fair when I was around her age..We ate funnel cake, cotton candy, lemonade, corn dog..nothing ever tastes quite as good as it looks though. Ava also really enjoyed the petting zoo at the fair. I knew better than to ride anything that goes in circles, but I let Ron talk me into one ride that caused me to be yucky-feeling the rest of the day:( After the fair, Ava fell asleep in the car on the ride home. She was so out! I LOVE MY FAMILY.

Here's my favorite pics from the weekend:


  1. Do you live in Mississippi?? I do!

  2. she is a cutie and I just love her outfit!!!

    Take care!

  3. Brand new reader here..I just found your blog this evening. I went back to almost the very beginning. Have to comment now, though.

    EEK! Is your hubby wearing a BAMA FOOTBALL shirt?!? Yay!! I loved your blog before, but now I am definitely hooked.

    I am new to this whole DIY home decor thing, and I have found sooo many things I love on this blog. And as a fellow yard sale/thrift store fanatic, I enjoy seeing what you find.

    It's after midnight so time to bookmark your page and go to sleep! But maybe after reading just a few more entries :)


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