Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The first time I decorated for someone other than family (my sister, mom, grandmother, and mother-in-law have all been my guinea pigs;)was over two years ago when one of my best friends, Niki, bravely let me makeover her master bedroom while she and her family were on vacation.
Since then I've helped her re-do furniture and do some no-cost decorating by rearranging her own stuff. Also, she has gotten me other decorating jobs-- her sister, Mandy, and neighbors. Here are some "before" pictures of rooms that I am working on now: Niki's dining room and Mandy's master bedroom/bathroom. I'm excited about these thrifty room makeovers! :)
Niki had the dining room painted and molding added last year, so we'll leave that alone.

The china cabinet will get a face lift, and there are plans for a table runner and a centerpiece.

We've found some curtains that will dress up this large window and 'soften' the bold colors of the walls. We'll also find some wall art.
 Mandy's Project: 

The walls and window will be addressed. An older home can be challenging but the character they have makes them worth it. I think this is a home from the 1950s.

new shower curtain coming soon...

We're going to try to add storage and wall art to make this bathroom warm and functional.

The walls are getting a great gray paint job! We're accessorizing with whites and yellows. I'm thrilled at the bargain I got on the yellow/white damask quilt!!  I have found some great stuff at Goodwill too! Can't wait to put this room together.

I found curtain panels with grommets at Marshall's for $10/panel on clearance! Yay!

The furniture got a pale, pale gray paint (almost white) to 'flow' with the walls. Very pretty.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! I know that it will look fabulous!

  2. So when can I hire you??? I need a LOT of help with mine.....


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