Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brooke's Bargains 25 and a Redo

I haven't been to any yard sales in two months! I've missed it. You know how I said every week seems to have a theme like "Ava Day," "Random Day," "Home Decor Day"? Well, today was "Baby Reid Day"! I wish Britt could have gone with me, but she just got back from a week in Gatlinburg and has to work today...

My mom wanted a exersaucer & bouncy seat for her house for Reid and now she's keeping a few children in addition to $14.
I've been seeing this milk glass in blog world & love it! I got this lamp for $5.
Always needing small Tuperware for taking lunch to work...$0.50.
Movies for my mom...$1 total.
Reid's loot: hooded towel, 5 pjs/onsies, Osh Gosh jeans, Old Navy khakis, Children's Place pants, brand new shoes, and more...$10
I got these at a children's consignment store last week. New from Target $3.50 (I saw the same ones in Target yesterday for $12.99. Ava loves her "princess sparkly shoes" :)
I've been working on this table. Remember it was a cherry finish. The table & chairs were one of our first purchases together. I was ready to change it up a bit after 7.5 years! The chairs are taking a long time...
I met Shannon & her girls Caitlyn & Mary Catherine for dinner this week. Ava loves Catitlyn! We had fun catching up...I started back to work Thursday. I can tell that my body is wondering what is up with getting up so early! It certainly takes a while to get back in the groove... My students will come back on August 5th.


  1. I love the lamp and Ava's princess sparkly shoes!

  2. Hi, I'm a regular reader of your blog. I'm planning on changing our breakfast nook table, as you did to your table. I was wondering what all the steps were for the transformation. Thanks!


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