Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lookin' Like Christmas at the Mayfield's House

Whew! I have been off work for a week for Thanksgiving Break! It has been wonderful. I always manage to stay busier than planned, but I had a blast! Most importantly I am grateful for the quality time I had with my husband, daughter, sister, mom, dad, mother-in-law, grandfather, aunt, brothers-in-law, and sister-in-law:) Ava gets to be more fun everyday! Well, after Thanksgiving Dinner (which I hosted for the first time) my sister, mom, & I got out the sales papers & planned out our Black Friday. I had a notebook with every person I needed to buy for and ideas for each person. Then I wrote down all the items I was interested in from the stores...basically, I was more organized than I've ever been in my life! It certainly paid off because in one day I bought 99% of the gifts! I also wrapped all my presents this weekend before putting up my new PRE-LIT tree (on sale at Target:). Today after church I finished decorating. It's fun to look at ornaments and decor and think about when I bought it or who gave it to me...Memories:) I went wild with the camera tonight:

I collect snowmen accessories.
My mom gave me this rug a few years ago.

I though these handtowels from Walmart
were pretty cute for my kitchen.

It was a tradition growing up that my sister & I decorate the tree while my mom was Christmas shopping on Black Friday. We'd always watch Christmas movies while decorating. Home Alone & While You Were Sleeping- two of our favs. I had to watch the latter tonight.
Ron enjoyed it too:)

I bought this old red door and beat-up sled at a yard sale for $6.
I thought they'd work as Christmas decor.

Ava enjoyed playing with her Christmas stuffed animals.

Here's her Christmas dress:
I love it!

I haven't found a place for this yet...another $0.50 yard sale find.

My mom brought this precious apron to Ava this week!


I collect snowmen ornaments too. I started this collection when we married seven years ago.

My new tree--a slim cashmere pine. I took my friend Meg's advice & put it on some blocks for more height and more gift space.

Last year I bought really cheap wrapping paper that tore every time I wrapped something- it was awful! This year I found some great thick paper at Target. I love that they have coordinating ribbons that still look custom. I can wrap much quicker with quality paper!

I love these stocking hangers (wow, kinda dusty).

I bought these stockings six or seven years ago on clearance at Target.
Can you tell I love Target?!

I put all of Ava's Christmas storybooks in this basket.
We've already read three of them tonight.

She'd been eating chocolate:)

Ava's toys...She made the moose in the rocker at a Build-a-Bear birthday party last weekend; it was such a cute party.

Cinnamon pinecones from Walmart:

The pastor's wife at my parents' church gave me this pretty Christmas card holder.

I bought these snowmen plates at a yard sale.

This Southern Living Christmas book is from 2002 which is our wedding anniversary. Since we had a Christmas wedding, I looked at this a zillion times for ideas.

On top of my 'fridge (I remember buying this for my "Hope Chest"):

I LOVE the "M" ornament my mom gave me for my birthday!


Ava's bathroom:

I found the snowman soap pump at a yard sale.

This snowman was another gift from my mom:

My incredible friends, Anna & Meg, gave us this gorgeous wreath last year!

An old neighbor gave me this quilt forever ago.

I love this little penguin caroler from Target.

This is my $40 coffee table from Salvation Army:

I just put these lime green ornaments from Walmart in this huge jar.

Entry way table:
The plate was a wedding gift.

Ron gave me the Thomas Kincaid snow globe the Christmas before we were married.

I don't think I'm finished with this...

Garden flag from Kirklands:

This little sign is on my front door:

Our chihuahua Lucy hates cold weather! I had to pull out her winter clothes:)


  1. your house looks awesome. i need more christmas decor. i need to get up and get motivated!!!! can't wait to see it in person!

  2. I love your Christmas towels and all your decor! It's all so pretty! MErry Christmas!

  3. I love how festive everything looks!

  4. Your house is beautiful! Makes me want to run out and buy more! :)

  5. Very cute decorations! My mom is a snowman have a beautiful collection.

  6. I so enjoyed visiting your home, so warm and inviting, you have done a beautiful job with your decorating and Ava looks like she is having fun too, thank you for sharing.

  7. So cute! Love the old sled and your daughter's Christmas dress!

  8. I love that sled! It all looks so festive! I am stopping in from Nester's Tour. If you would like to see my tour posts you can click on the 'Christmas 2009' tag on the left sidebar of my blog. Have a great holiday season!


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