Friday, March 22, 2013

Laundry Room: Before & After

I blame Pinterest for this laundry room obsession! Ha. If my friend Corrie is reading this, she's rolling her eyes. My first laundry pin is below, and I couldn't get that cozy lamp & candle out of my mind. Then later pins are like this gorgeous, sunny room... I've been working on mine here and there since we moved here about 7 months ago.


Before: striped wallpaper, stained cabinets, plastic hooks, wooden & brass hooks...
After: The walls are painted SW's wheat grass; the cabinets, Navajo White. I spray painted the pulls with Rustoleum hammered bronze (I think).

After: I love having the big bulletin board in here. Even though I keep a personal day-by-day planner, I like seeing the whole month like this-- it's been really good for realizing when I'm overcommitting.

After: Our friends James & Kim made the ledge with coat hooks. This is my newest addition, and it's perfect! Since the laundry room is right beside the outside door that we use all the time, we needed somewhere to hang jackets, keys, purses, diaper bags. That stuff was getting dumped in the floor or on the kitchen counters or on a chair..

After: The chicken wire paper organizers were found at Marshall's for the neverending piles of papers (on a side note, Ron recently requested paperless billing, and I'm excited about less clutter!)

After: The big glass jar was used at my sister's wedding for sweet tea, and I'm enjoying using it! My uncle's silver baby cup is my 'scoop.' Beside it in my turquoise jar, I keep those Purex crystals-- smells so good!

After: I know I've mentioned my laundry sorter in another post, but it's been the best. Before I got it, there was usually just a pile of dirty clothes in here.

After: I found this raggy rug at HomeGoods. I love it!

After: When we looked at this house, I could not believe the storage! This laundry room has more cabinets & drawers than our apartment had in the kitchen. I'm able to store ironing supplies, light bulbs, batteries, stationary, office supplies, cleaning products all in the upper cabinets with room to spare. The lower cabinets have Ron's tools and all of Ava's art supplies (she loves to sit in here on the rug and do her crafty projects). I 'borrowed' her lamp too.

Now if I could find away for this not to be the catch all spot when I'm cleaning up in a hurry...


  1. Looking good! I love that you keep your Purex Crystals in a jar too! Hope you are doing well! Have a great weekend!

  2. Where did you get those wire baskets!! I need some to house my bills:)

  3. Looks beautiful!

  4. *Rolling eyes* haha! It's all out of jealousy....cause you KNOW I'm not getting around to putting a lamp in my laundry room anytime soon :/ Love it though!!


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