Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Addison: 10 months

Addison! You've been busy learning new things this past month and have two more teeth for a total of three. You say ''Da da" and "Na Na" (which is me:). I LOVE it! You have learned to crawl (oh my!) so well and shake your head no; we've had the best time asking you questions and watching you shake your head. We laugh so much at you. Ava has been a wonderful big sister to you. She helps me watch out for you; you light up when she walks in the room. You have a cute little personality. When I tell you to stop doing something, you turn, look at me, and wave those little fat hands. You're a good little napper and take one or two per day depending on what we are doing. At night, you're spoiled rotten. You want to be up with us just as late as we are. I live with three night owls for sure. You are a momma's girl, and I love you so, so much!! When I put your little 10 month sticker on your shirt, I could have cried. In so many ways, it's flown by, but I can't imagine our family with our little Addi! [and yes, you are sunburned:( ]

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