Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall Scrapbook

 Another long family post... 

My "scrapbook" editions are ways for me to remember our lives during this season. I need to do it more often! Just when I had gotten into a semi-good routine of blogging, the nausea hit and staring at the computer screen only made it worse! Thank goodness that stage is over, and I've spent lots of today procrastinating on all the grading I need to be doing by looking at Pinterest and catching up on blog reading. Oops.

As usual I found myself so busy-- to the point that I had to sit down and reevaluate my life. I tried not to be too hard on myself since the staying at home/working part-time is still really new to me. I guess I expected to automatically adjust to it. Reality is that I have to set boundaries for myself, or I'm more busy/chaotic/annoyed than working full-time and handling a side job! When I dreamed about this stage in my life, it looked like this: start a really deep Bible study, work-out everyday, keep the house perfect, have dinner cooked every night when Ron arrives home, and spend a ton of quality time with Ava. So, when I realized that those things were still sporadic despite cutting back 40 hours/week of work, I needed to change. I am rambling. On to our lives for the past few months...

  • Kayla threw Danny a surprise 30th birthday party. I think he really was surprised especially since she did it in Mississippi instead of Missouri. We had a fun weekend hanging out with them!
  • Ava & I had a mommy/daughter day at the Children's Museum of Memphis. It was great! She loved it. It brought back memories of the day my aunt Bobbie took Brittany and me. I think she liked the mini-Kroger as much as we did:)
  • I began home-school preschool lessons with Ava in September. My goal for her as a 4-year old is to get in the 'groove' of sitting down with me and working on lessons. We have concentrated mostly on phonics, reading aloud, and some handwriting. She's a good student. She has some perfectionist tendencies, so I work with her not being too hard on herself. She also LOVES doing crafts. We include those as well as puzzles and games. 
  • Our "Moms of Preschoolers" life group had a play date at the Tunica Aquatic Center. It's a great and very affordable place for families to hang out. We also met at church for breakfast and playtime a few weeks ago. 
  • We had play dates with at Chick-fil-A with Tuesday and Emma, and one day Justus came over to play on the playground with Ava. We also went over to Mary Abbott & Niki's a few times for some fun!
  • One day, Jamie, Greg, Pastor Jeff, and I went on a day trip to Huntsville, AL, to tour a church. Our church has worked with them on sharing ideas. Jamie and I were asked to go to check out their layout and design-- it was impressive! Too bad I was so nauseated! ;)
  • Ron and I took Ava to the city park after church (complete with milkshakes & perfect weather:). 
  • I had a 31 Gifts Party and got some great items for being a hostess. I love my stuff! It was a fun night with some of my favorite girls.
  • I probably watched more football than ever this season. Ron has gotten more and more into college football the past few years. It's fun. And this is for him, "Roll Tide!" 
  • Four of my high school/college friends had babies within about three weeks' time! I can't wait to see all of them in person. I've loved seeing their pics on Facebook! Welcome to the world, Harper, Noah, Jilly, & Lucas! 
  • Ava and I went to the Homecoming Pep-rally in my hometown where I went to school and worked. It was really fun seeing my former students and co-workers. I miss them! We also got to have lunch with Mimi & Papa. 
  • I went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn with Meg, Anna, Christie, and Emily. What a fun night!
  • My parents made a joint birthday lunch for Brittany and me. My mom was in the hospital on my birthday:(. They made a huge meal and hung balloons and banners for us:) Sweet! They gave me birthday money, so I ordered a North Face rain coat that I've wanted for a while.
  • My mom has been recovering from being sick and hospitalized (I overheard Ava telling her friend that Mimi was in the hospital because she drinks too much Coke- ha!) so I decorated their house for Christmas one day. Too bad mine still isn't done- ha! Having all my Christmas decor in storage is annoying! 
  • As a small part of teaching Ava the true meaning of Christmas, we participated in Operation Christmas Child. It was really neat when she picked out toys and candy for a child she doesn't know. 
  • My nephew Reid turned ONE! He had an adorable birthday party. Brittany did a great job of decorating and planning. 
  • One time, Niki told me that tucking your child into bed is so funny because it's when they have the urge to share things-- recently, when I was putting Ava to bed she told me that her toothpaste tastes like poison, and then she asked if she's ever had turquoise throw up. Random!
Lots of pictures... Even downloaded some from my phone...

Danny with his nieces, Taylor & Ava
"Baby Ford" is so adorable!
Chili's with the in-laws
little shopper
She loved it! The cash register was her favorite part, except...
dressing up on the "Orpheum" stage... I always tell Ron that I can see her being in theater stuff. She's so expressive and likes to entertain.
"dentist office"
Ava and Kaley
Aquatic Center
Ava with the birthday boy!
On our way to Waffle House for family breakfast
Maria and me
Playing outside, waiting on "Mrs. Jeanine" to arrive.
My tired baby!
"Mommy, take a picture of my hair." :)
Ron had guy night for one of the games, so Ava and I went to Cracker Barrel to window shop and have dinner.
Princess Ava
at the church fall festival
Ava & "Toots"
"I want to do a serious face."
The Little Mermaid (Ava dressing up is a daily occurrence).
Mrs. Cindy's wig
At the Sam's Club holiday taste-testing with Mimi and me
Cinderella (we found this one at a consignment sale for $4)
at Old Navy
sipping hot chocolate & watching Polar Express


  1. All I can say is that Ava has some sass! How cute! Great post! I always loved the Kroger at the Children's Museum too! Great post! I like that you talked about the good and the bad. It helps to know that I am not the only one struggling to keep up! Happy Wednesday!


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