Saturday, August 13, 2011

Makeover @ Maria's

A few months ago while visiting with Maria, she mentioned really wanting curtains for her dining room. I joked with her hubby and said that I'd go out and shop for her. When Maria was out of earshot, he gave me cash and said he wanted to do that for her for Mothers' Day. (So sweet. They are just adorable together!)
 She said she liked brown and green, and her kitchen is a fun shade of blue, so I ended up getting her the same curtains I have from Pier 1 since they incorporated those colors so well. Our mutual friends, Greg and Jamie, went over to help me hang the curtains and spruce up the dining room a bit...Well, that turned it to a makeover of the living room, entry way, dining room, and kitchen. :) It was lots of fun to surprise Maria (she was teaching a class at church while we were tearing her house apart;)!
We moved her area rug from the dining room to the living room to create a defined sitting area in the large room plus it made it more warm and inviting on the hardwood floors. Next we rearranged her furniture to make a 'conversation' area, before the furniture was really spaced out and awkwardly positioned. We moved the piano into the room to have more surface area to decorate too. The room is painted a great neutral shade while the kitchen is so vibrant; by using some accent pieces that correlate with that color, we were able to make the main living areas flow. Jamie and I filled in some areas by using items from The Find such as a throw blanket, some moss balls, throw pillows, and vases. Jamie had the great idea of using the large ottoman for a coffee table. We got so excited with our surprise and were on such a time crunch, that we didn't take before pics:( ugh!

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  1. looks great! love those canvases of her kids!!


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