Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hot Springs, Arkansas with the GIRLS!

This weekend I had such a wonderful time with about twenty ladies from church. A few months ago, a new ladies' ministry was launched called Girls' Night Out (GNO), and we've had some fun monthly meetings from a mother/daughter dinner, all things thrifty night with couponing tips and other ideas for budget living, a missions outreach project, and now this overnight shopping trip.
Friday night we had a quick Lenny's dinner on the road with LOTS of talking and laughing-- the three hours flew by! Then more talking and laughing and getting to know others in our hotel rooms that night.
Saturday morning, we were up bright & early for breakfast at the Pancake Shop and shopping downtown. I bought Ron a bottle of Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauce for his grilling and my parents, who kept Ava since Ron had to work, some Key Lime cookies from a gourmet food/gift shop. When I shopped at a boutique toy store, I ran across a great book for Ava that we'll use in our science studies. I found a pretty antique bird print with a unique frame for my walls and the perfect kitchen hand towel. We all met back up for lunch at a fabulous Cuban restaurant-- everything was so good!
Our next stop was a store called Half off of Half (I think). Majorly good deals in there! I was at the end of my shopping budget when we got there:( so I just got a pair of $3 sunglasses and two outfits for Ava for next summer.
Finally we went to the mall for about an hour, then headed home; on the way back through Hot Springs, I spotted a Home Goods store. I have been wanting to go to one of those for several years! Now, I need to go back to Hot Springs asap!! I seriously laughed so much that my stomach is a bit sore this morning! :) Thankful for great friends and memories that were made this weekend.

Some of the girls: Heather, Kristan, Jeanne, Lauren, me, Shari, & Maria. (Thanks for snapping the pic, Jamie!)


  1. Oh what fun! This sounds like a fabulous minitry! Home Goods is one my favorite stores. Ken knows that if we are in a bigger city than ours, he better find the Home Goods! Can't wait to see all that you got!

  2. They have those half of half of half or whatever they are called in memphis


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