Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving is for the birds!

We have spent the past week preparing to move, moving, and unpacking. I'm taking a minute out to vent! ;) It's rough! I pray that the next time we move, it's because we've made very wise decisions regarding our finances and have found an affordable place to live for a VERY long time!! But in the meantime, I'll be 'content to rent' as The Nester says.

A few things about moving...
1. My back hurts.
2. It's even harder since this go around I don't have a garage for the overflow.
3. I feel guilty because people took time away from their family to help (but thankful too).
4. I have sat in the middle of the floor, looked at all the boxes, and cried.
5. After spending four nights in the new place, it feels a little more like home.
6. Life goes on around you... On the agenda for this week has been a Memorial Day Cookout, dance lessons for Ava, teaching a night class, a funeral, and a wedding....
7. I vow to pack smarter in the future.
8. My husband has been incredible. He's painted the apartment, even though he thought the beige walls were perfectly okay. He organized the actual move. He's been so sweet when I've had my emotional moments!
9. I thought I was over my house, but I have missed it so much this week. I guess it's because I miss the space, the fact that it wasn't full of boxes, and the cozy memories of being a family there (especially this time of year).
10. Above all, it's a process. One hour (and box) at a time. God is good. Pretty soon, the move will just be a memory, and we'll settle into our new life.

Ava's closet

the view from our mattress

one corner of the living room (notice I hung curtains yesterday: instant gratification!:)

Ava's room


  1. We still have stuff scattered from our old place, the new place, my parents place...AHHH. After three months I still sit and cry in the middle of my living room floor.
    Thanks for being open and honest about your situation and letting me see that there are others out there like us struggling to provide a happy place for our kids and a place to call home.
    And, thanks for all the wonderful decorating inspiration - its coming at a great time when I am finally getting out of my rut and ready to make my new place sparkle.

  2. So excited for this new adventure for you guys! You will have so much fun getting to decorate this new place! unpacking can be super annoying though! Ill pray it's a quick and painless process!

  3. Wow, you will have it looking good in no time! I love that Ava's toys are so nice and neat and labeled!

  4. no matter where you live it will always be super cute & feel like home! can't wait to get to come back and help.

  5. The most important thing about moving is Can You Find the Toilet Paper? and when will the DirectTV guy be here? Everything else can happen as you have time and energy...

  6. Always remember that where the 3 of you are together is HOME regardless if apartment, house, rent, or buy. The place doesn't matter, just the attitude and love that fills it. Love you. Ann Burks


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