Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apartment: Before & After- Ava's Bed & Bath

Decorating Ava's room has been fun since pregnancy! Here's a look back at her crib and nursery, then there's a snapshot of her twin "big girl" bed... These were taken at our previous house.

Now it's 2-bedroom-apartment-living for a while, and there are challenges and advantages! Gotta take the good with the bad, right?! Did I say that right? (Ron laughs at my uncanny ability to butcher phrases;) I included before and after pictures of her new bedroom and bathroom. She's super-excited to have a bathroom in her room! It was fun decorating that too.

My goal was to make this a functional space for out-of-town guests as well, so we put our full-size bed in her room. Also, since she'll be the BIG 4 this summer, I wanted to transition her room into a SLIGHTLY more grown up space without spending much $$. I was inspired by Melissa at 320 Sycamore!

To me, no room is ever--done--, but it has come a long way since we moved in a month ago.

sweet baby girl crib
hard to believe that after all the time and work I put into this stage of her life is just a memory
'big girl room'
empty room, white walls, unattractive blinds... For these windows, I hung 96 inch length white linen panels with grommets. They look airy, and I was able to dress her windows for $60.
see the white fan? the good, the bad, the ugly
generic apartment bathroom
It looks better with painted walls (Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed), cute Target towels, a little artwork, some black and white photos, fun oversized rug, ....
One of her favorite things is playing with her kitchen and having tea parties. My friend Jamie found this adorable mini-rug at a yard sale. Perfect colors!
Brittany gave me the chalkboard-- it was a gold mirror. 
Niki and Mary Abbott gave this adorable owl painting to Ava for her birthday last year; I just added the ribbon to make it a door hanger.
I found this shower curtain on clearance at Marshalls, and Brittany put the "A" on there for us. I just tied coordinating ribbons for extra fun:)
Why are bookshelves hard to decorate? It's a fine line between cluttered and organized. I'm sure I'll move this stuff around a million times. The bottom 2 shelves just have her books in baskets.
The old glass door will eventually have cuter wire/ribbon and fabric behind the glass (I've looked at several fabric stores and nothing has caught my eye so far). The bedding is a hodgepodge--I got the polka dot bed skirt at Target for $13....already had the ruffled white comforter- since it's a twin comforter, I just folded it at the end of the bed...the khaki coverlet was used in our master bedroom for about a year (Goodwill $10)... hot pink sheet set from Target $20...the cream scalloped pillow shams were used in our room for a while too (yard sale $2)... mixture of pillows-- some from Ava's nursery, a few that Brittany wasn't using, one from a yard sale, and that cute, round one is a new one I found at Marshalls a couple of days ago. I found that lamp at Target recently for $20.

We have  A LOT of books! I bought two of these old metal library display things on eBay last year and gave one to Brittany for Reid's nursery.
A friend from church gave me the old screen door. Love it! {Hmmm... the white part from the bed skirt is showing....gotta fix that. GRRRR! ;)}
I painted this bed last year to match a quilt that I was using in our guest room. Love that green color so I just left it. And there are two other little areas that I'm not finished with in her room. I can't figure out what I want to put on the top of her chest of drawers; it's a great piece that's painted white, but I can't seem to get decor part right there. And I'm going to paint or distress her pale pink toy box and add some cute pulls.

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  1. Looks amazing! I love the shower curtain with the cute ribbon and the colors that you pulled together on that bed! Just gorgeous! I think my favorite thing about you is that no room is ever "done."

  2. Love her sweet new room, great job!

  3. I can't wait to see more of your apartment redo. How you take ordinary and make it extrodinary!


  4. I love the colors in your little girl's room - pink and green - so cute! I also LOVED the picket fence headboard - you really should do a DIY just for that. I'm always impressed when people are creative decorators, but you add another impressive dimension when you are thrifty!

  5. So cute!! It is adorable. Love the pops of color and LOVE that door! thanks for linking this up as well.

  6. It looks sooo good! Love the colors and the chalkboard~you did awesome. Happy 4th!!

  7. Love everything about this room! Some of my fave parts are the chalkboard, lanterns on her bed and the shower curtain! Too cute!

  8. I found your blog on pinterest and I absolutely love it! I love the little pink kitchen in your little girl's room. Where did you get it?

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  10. Thank you!! The kitchen came from Target a few years ago. I think they have a similar version of it now.


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