Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Football, Hearts, Marshalls, Root Canal, & Snow

Well, this is a random post. First, when I showed my Valentine decor, I forgot my cute towels- so here they are... This one is in Ava's bathroom.


Today, I had to get a root canal. I was kinda nervous about it. I left work early, and it just so happens that I had time to go in one of my favorite stores, Marshalls. :) I thought that I should buy myself a little something to take my mind off the dental procedure!
I have had a thing for birds lately. I guess it's because they're everywhere in home decor these days. Check out my owl:
The cashier looked at it and said, "Uh, this is interesting." HA!

I've been wanting to add to my V-Day decorations, so I bought this:

The pink mannequin is for Ava's room "update"- more on that later. And I needed the peanut butter-filled M&MS.

I have been teaching for 6 years; this is the most we've ever had to be out of school for "winter weather" (4 days and counting). Snow days are so much fun (until make-up days get here!). Here's our roof covered in beautiful snow!

Ava was so amazed at the snow- so sweet.
This is our front yard:

Sunday night out church small group came over for a Super Bowl Party. I didn't get many good pictures...but here is the food, of course!

One more thing to add to this random post- poor Ava had the stomach virus this week. The party, snow, stomach bug, root canal, and rare solo shopping trip has made this for an interesting week- and it's only Wednesday. Have a Happy Valentines!


  1. Looks great! I hope your root canal and Ava's stomach bug gets better! Enjoy your peanut butter M&Ms!

  2. I *need* peanut butter m&m's too ;) Sorry about the root canal. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  3. I do hope that you had a speedy recovery on your root canal. If I remembered it correctly, mine completely healed for a week, all thanks to the dentists (Hendersonville, TN located clinic) whom did their job in keeping my pain levels at minimal.

    Having super sensitive teeth is pretty vexing, it was hard to drink cold foods and beverages, and there were days that I punch my face in extreme pain. Being sick and tired of the pain it is causing me, I went to the Hendersonville dentist to get it all done before I go crazy in pain. After the standard check-ups and x-rays, I was sedated so I won't feel the bulk of the operation, and it all happened in an hour or so.


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