Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Memories

March flew by in a blink of an eye, it seems! We had a great month and enjoyed days at home as well as visiting family & friends! I love spring...I was hoping with the end of March would come warmer weather, but here on April 2, it's still chilly!

Before/After: Our yard needed lots of TLC; this house was empty for over a year, and by the time we moved in at the very end of July, we just didn't have the time or energy to get it looking good. Our talented friend Tim has his own lawn service. He came one day, and we now have a great start! I used to cringe when I drove up!
Reid hung out with us one afternoon while his parents went to a wedding. He and Ava had a blast! They were both bottomless pits that day too! He was saying, "Brooke, snack!"
I tried my first burlap door hanger..
Playing under the crib. Ava is so wonderful with Addison! When I'm getting ready or straightening up, she's the best entertainer!
Crafting as usual! This was a Saturday that we stayed in our pajamas all day. Ava made us bracelets out of clay. She found this kit at Goodwill.
Snuggling in our bed
Addison's first time to swing at the park (and yes, she got sunburned and I felt terrible!)
My fair-skinned, sunburned baby;(
Jeanine & Jilly came to spend the day with us on spring break! Jilly & Addison are about 6 months apart.
Sweet baby loves to go to sleep on Daddy's shoulder
Addison has advanced to the high chair! She loves puffs and yogurt bites!
They are soooo sweet in the mornings! This was a Monday morning when we're all extra tired. Addi ended up falling back asleep on Big Sis. I asked Ava if she wanted me to get her, and she, "Oh no, she's fine!" She's a little mommy:)
One afternoon, Emily watched the girls while I went to a training at work. She texted me this picture of Paisley, Lexie, & Ava. They have so much fun!
It makes me laugh when we go to Target & Ava wants to take pictures of toys to remind me what she wants for her birthday. Ha!
Me & Lauren at our small group's game night
Britt & I took our kiddos to Sky Zone, and indoor trampoline park. It's so much fun! We jumped with Ava & Reid. I def got some exercise. Oh my!
Corrie, Brittany, and their children came over on Good Friday for an Easter-egg dying party. We had lunch, chatted, and decorated eggs. Afterwards, the girls played upstairs for hours.

Ava loves having her cousins and friends over.

Ava, Evie, & Lilly
We did pictures of our little ones at church to give to their parents on Easter Sunday.
St. Patrick's Day
We went to my parents' church for their Homecoming.
I randomly bought this little costume at a yard sale last spring for $2. Ava and I dressed Addison up last week.
She was cracking me up. She acted like it was the most normal thing to be wearing this. Ha!
They both love bath time.
Lexie & Ava at our church's rainy day Easter egg hunt! It was great!
Addison looked very skeptical about this...
We were pretty excited to put our warm pajamas on after this:)
Ava & Macy Claire (her umbrella hat was too cute!)
Ava was showing off her new reading skills to the ultimate reading teacher: Aunt Bobbie.

Mimi and Addison (her head is blurred because her favorite thing is shaking her head)
Happy 60th Birthday!
I love her so much! She crashed on me Saturday night after our busy day. Those cheeks and those hands...
Easter Sunday... our fancy lunch at Taco Bell
So thankful
Addison's first Easter
Sweet sisters
We ended our Easter weekend and March with our sweet friends, the Shuff family. We grilled out and enjoyed their company Sunday evening.


  1. What a fun month! I am liking the bangs. I was trying to figure out who the woman was standing next to Rob in the St. Patrick pictures!

    Your girls are so sweet! Ava looked grown in several of these pictures. I love how she helps you with Addison.

    I hope next month is as good as March was!

  2. They have a ton of new ballerina Barbies at Impact Missions store for only $4. Boxes crushed but doll I got for Harlee was perfect.


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