Saturday, November 10, 2012

This week...

I am exhausted on this Saturday night. For the past nine days, we have been on the go and busy. Plus I started some big projects this week. Why do I do this to myself?!
Monday- I spent the morning cleaning & prepping for my night classes and then was gone all afternoon and evening to teach. Milestone: Addison had her first jar of vegetables; she loved it!
Tuesday- The girls & I met my mom, Brittany and her kiddos to walk through my parents' new house, vote, and have birthday lunch at El Charro's. Next was Walmart and a visit to my friend Jamie to see their new baby @ new house. We spent the evening watching election coverage.
Wednesday- We went outside to play and paint furniture. I also had to be at church an hour early to set up for a dinner. It was Girls' Club awards night. Ava was excited! :)
Thursday- I helped my mom with some house stuff then shopped at Walmart again. When we got home, our neighbors were outside so Ava played with them while I painted more & visited. Brittany came by to pick up something & ended up coming back to help me with a dining room project. And she brought some dinner over:)
Friday- I helped Jamie with her new house, and Ava had fun playing with her boys. Ron grilled some delicious steaks, and we all went to bed early.
Today- I cleaned the kitchen before showering so we could go to the Girls' Club: Operation Christmas Child wrapping party. It was really fun! When we finished there, we ran by the new Gap factory store so I could get some jeans. And tonight, Lexie is spending the night with Ava. They are having a blast! Ron, Addison, & I are lounging on the couch. I'm ready for bed! It's only animal. We have busy schedules the next two days, so I am hoping for a calm, "get caught up Tuesday"!

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  1. Life is so beautifully busy! Sweet girls and a fabulous sister who not only helps make a project fun, but brings dinner! It's sometimes hard being so creative and sharing your talents and skills with others, but it sure dies make life interesting! Can't wait to see all your projects!


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