Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Vacation

For the past two years, the school district that I work for has given its teachers options for the two mandatory in-service days: June, July, or Monday/Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week. Of course, I opted for's just like going back to work a few days early after having the summer off work. By November, I'm in need of a break! It is wonderful to have NINE consecutive days off. Perfect for celebrating with family and Christmas shopping! Here are the highlights of this vacation:
  • lots of quality time with Ava!
  • seeing Jeanine & her new house
  • snuggling with my nephew Reid
  • family movie night (Tangled is sooooo cute!)
  • seeing my extended family and in-laws
  • black Friday shopping with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, & our kiddos! only 1 more person on the list!
  • manicure with Ava (if you haven't tried "gel polish" you should- it lasts for several weeks!!)
  • Goodwill shopping
  • getting my Christmas cards ordered (yay for the 50 free cards from!)
  • running 3.5 miles this week
  • church thanksgiving dinner and comedy show
  • visiting with friends
  • Sunday afternoon nap:)
Thanksgiving morning
    Supper Club at Amanda's

    two of my favorite girls from church (Evening with the Turkeys)

    I love Reid's turkey shirt:)

    Aunt Brooke with Reid:) he doesn't look too comfy...

    Ava with her great-grandfather (he loves her sooooo much!) So sweet.

    Ava LOVES to hold Reid!

    Ava with one of her favorite people in the world: Mimi

    my dad with his dad, brother, & sister


    I like this family pic (except for my hair- very windy day;)

    Our Family

    Ava loves this toy that I left her pick out at Goodwill right before we got our manicures. Can't beat a $1.99 for a new cash register!

    We all loved Tangled!


    1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am impressed with the 3.5 mile run! Way to go! Hope all is well!

    2. just realized i still haven't e-mailed you pics. maybe preggo brain is carrying over!


    I love reading comments! Thanks:)